Problems With Pride In Life

Audience participation time! We all have at some point. When things start to go really well, when everything seems to be going our way, it is easy to fall into the trap of pride. To think that we are the be all and end all. Until… Well, we will get to that in a moment. How many of you are aware of the Avengers franchise of movies? I consider myself a huge comic book nerd, have been all my life. Anyway, in one of the movies, called Age of Ultron, two of the heroes decide to “play God” by using alien technology to create a truly sentient robot, named Ultron.

It could meld with any technology, it could create bodies for itself, it could even upload itself to the internet, much like we upload data to the cloud. For all intents and purposes, Ultron was unkillable.

Tony Stark was so convinced of his own genius, so overcome with pride, that he couldn’t imagine how it could fail.

Tony Stark should have read this verse from Proverbs. Ultron was created to save humanity, but it decided that the best way to do that was to destroy humanity’s biggest threat, humanity itself. Tony Stark’s pride and ambition had created an unstoppable monster. “Pride comes before the fall” indeed. I would argue that the larger the pride, the harder the fall is. Great, I hear you saying to yourselves, now that you’ve given us a plot summary of a movie, can you please get on with the sermon? Of course, I can.

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While none of us are on the cusp of building a completely self-aware robot, our pride is no less dangerous. Our pride can become a great downfall for us as well. The pride we are referring to is arrogance, people who can’t help but say, “Look how great I am!” But before we think we don’t struggle with the sin of pride, because we don’t say things like that, remember there is another form of pride. It is the pride of self-reliance. The pride that says, “I’m doing just fine on my own,” or “I don’t need help,” “I can make my own decisions just fine.” This kind of pride doesn’t need anything from anybody, even God. Pride will eventually bring you down because you become short sighted.

You think you know what to do, but because you fail to seek the God who knows everything and his wisdom, you will eventually make a bad choice even if you don’t realize it at the time. And you will certainly not be following God’s will, because God only reveals his will to those who seek it. Rather it is the humble who are honored before God, who grow in wisdom because they realize they don’t have all the answers, and they intentionally seek God’s wisdom. Pride comes before a fall, but the fall doesn’t have to go on for eternity. For in Christ, it is my belief, that God allows us to be knocked off our high horse in order that we can learn better just how much we need to rely on God.

Christianity is a journey, and sometimes we fall. If we keep our eyes focused on Jesus—that fall can be used for our own good and for the good of all! For we will learn things we never knew about ourselves. We will be blessed by the awesome and powerful grace and forgiveness of God and the grace and forgiveness of our brothers and sisters in Christ who struggle with the same things. There is nothing more dangerous than trying to do ministry with pride in your heart. We cannot serve two masters. We cannot serve self and God.

We must choose. And when we fail, it is God’s grace that helps us to remember what we were made for. When the going gets rough hang onto God and you will be amazed in the glory of God’s grace!!! And when the going is smooth, when everything seems to be going your way, when it would be easy to toot your own horn, hang on to God. Be intentional,attentive, andB careful. Because we are most susceptible to the sin of pride when we feel we are doing good, the sailing is smooth, and the wind is at our back.

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