Problems Adapting to Normal Human Social Interactions

The artificial people might seem to act and appear like us in virtually all aspects, but it is hard for them to be as real human . They will always have problems adjusting with normal human social interactions, face irritation, and if they are successful, always find belonging in the wrong engagements like sex and in wrong social set ups.In Robert Heinlein’s novel, Friday set in a Balkanized world and which is about an artificially created female secret agent who finds herself in dangerous intrigues in the cause of her duty until she quits to pursue where she belongs before ending up in the curious situation of getting married to the same person who had earlier raped her, author uses a number of formal elements like symbols and plot structure to develop the main character and also to bring out a number of themes such as feminism, clash between science and religion, moral decadence and global re-ordering of nation states.

The story begins, Thursday Baldwin – one of the secretaries of the secret service in the distant land, Kenya.

It is supposed that human beings just follow up “Customs, Health and Immigration”, but he ends up killing his subconscious clarity. It is also clear that he is not quite comfortable in his role and travel mode, as suggested by his proposal., “I have never liked riding the Beanstalk. My distaste was full blown even before the disaster to the Quito Skyhook”. It’s all a matter of generality, and it is dangerous for Friday’s concern, as it is an intelligence agent who roams the world and even beyond.

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The entire manifesto in which he works was abducted, and he was subjected to terrible, as well as rape and torture. Friday’s “inhumanity” and the lack of human feelings can be seen when it is raped by its captors, and she manages to expel four of them, until they give up their actions.

In fact, they rightly believe that she likes it. One of them shoots right away: “Mac, we’re wasting our time. This slut enjoys it”. Through the same episode, the author raises the topic of the characteristics of feminism and the exploitation of women. In a society, women who are raped are accused of “enjoying”, therefore they are not taken seriously. The failure to be defeated by mass rape depicts Friday as a stoic character. She talks about this episode, devoid of human feelings, which makes a person see that she enjoys it, as the rapists say: “I worked on all of them-method acting, of course-reluctant, have to be forced, then gradually your passion overcomes you.

It is true that, despite the fact that at first she seems a bit strange and unlike a woman because of her bold antics during service, she nevertheless tries to become more human in nature. When the Boss tells her that she must kill with planned intent, like a real man, she strongly objects to this point of view.: “Murder…I don’t think it is my sort of work”. This shows her other character trait – compassion and humanity. Her struggle to gain recognition among people forces her to live in Botany Bay, one of the colonies after her release by her captors. Her marriage in the S family (with many wives and husbands), originating from macho, shows a character that develops to become more human.

Unfortunately, she was expelled after the rest of the family learned that she was an artificial person, but her determination to find belonging and satisfaction among people is manifested in her character when she, despite everything, settles in the botanical bay, one of the colonies, with a large a family of people consisting of strange people, such as Janet Georges, Jan, Matilda (another genetically improved person) and Mac-Pit-Percival, her former abuser-rapist and on whom she now marries. This transformation is a remarkable testimony of the developing path on Friday from an artificial person with little human feelings towards becoming a more human being belonging to the social environment.

However, her permissiveness in matters of sex is one of her constant character traits. The fact that she is a sex maniac can be clearly seen from her conversations. She speaks about captain Yan, “So, I answered it by telling him, through giving him our Christchurch number, that he was welcome to try to get my pants off…”. This hints at the theme of moral decay, which is likely to become widespread if science is allowed to tinker with human genetics. She is a model of the future of man, whose morality will be completely destroyed. This permissiveness is what ultimately leads her to an indefinite marriage, referred to only as “Synthetic” when she moves in with Ian, Matilda, Janet and the others. The apex of Friday’s “humanness” and maturity as a human being can perhaps be seen where she forgives her earlier rapist and settles down in marriage with him.

When one looks in retrospective, the character development of Friday is an evolving journey characterized by numerous milestones that nonetheless highlight some of the themes in the text. The themes of feminism and moral decadence especially with matters sex, for instance, are largely explored through her. She talks of having “spent the night” with a professor just as she casually talks of an Artificial Person’s inability to “empathize with or understand the various human copulation taboos” .To her “sex is everywhere”  as she says ian. The author seems to suggest that morality will undoubtedly be destroyed in the future, which will be dominated by artificial people like her. The theme of the clash between religion and science has a springboard of similar Friday and the like. Are they the result of a man’s attempt to play God? The theme of balkanization of states and raising the power of corporations is also being explored. It is thanks to Jan’s conversation with Friday that the topic comes out when he speaks.

“When are the territorial states going to learn that they cannot possibly win against corporate states?”. The structure of the plot, which is characterized by a number of incidents aimed at one end, is ideal in that it allows us to more deeply understand the main character’s character traits in different contexts. Symbolism is used as a technique, where Friday is a symbol of future people who will be clones or improved thanks to science. Her lack of roots and sense of belonging define this future person.Thus, in conclusion, artificial people may look like normal people, but they face problems adapting to social interactions. Robert Heinlein uses a number of formal elements, such as characters and plot structure, to develop the main character, as well as to highlight a number of topics, such as feminism, the clash of science and religion, moral decay and global reordering of nation states.

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