Stopping Violence & Ill-Treatment of Prisoners in America

What will it take for America to wake up and stop the violence in this world and stop the ill-treatment of prisoners in a world where their voice is not heard or even acknowledge? The prison system was created in 1790 and Pennsylvania was the first state to have confinement for convicted criminals. And after 1790, criminals who were sentenced to hard labor were moved into isolated cells. (Woodham, 2008). Today there must be a voice for some that do not have the right to speak or defend themselves.

Prison reform is the voice for the prisoners; their voices will be heard because the prison reform is needed to create an equipped penal system, but the rules concerning prison reform are not enforced properly leading to abuse and mistreatment of inmates.

Therefore, there should be within the system a prison reform to control conditions inside the prison and create an equipped penal system. And because there is not enough knowledge about the penal system, Americans remain in the dark about the hidden laws.

So the hidden sentence is referred to any form of discipline forced by law stemming from the significance of the criminal’s crime and not from a judge who may deliver the sentence. (Kaiser, 2016). Prison reform is a movement that fights for the rights of inmates who are treated in an abusive manner. Prison reform has been part of America for a very long time. The criminal does pay for his crime by being confined for many years and yes some criminals deserve to be incarcerated so that the inmate can be reformed and rehabilitated and sometimes be released to begin a new life in society again.

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However, prisoners whether they are guilty or not should not be treated in an inhumane manner. That is why the prison reform was created and why the leaders at that time believed in fair and just treatment for all who were incarcerated. (Woodham, 2008).

Creating the prison reform movement was formed by these leaders, Francis Lieber, Samuel Gridley Howe, and Dorethea Dix. The Prison Reform was created in 1802 by Dorothea Dix and in the early 1900s by Samuel Barrows. This movement began because of the increase in the city population. The abuse physically, mentally, and sexually was very prevalent as it was in the 1800s, and it is still an ongoing issue in the prison system today. (U.S. History, 2018). In addition, because prison rules are not being implemented and put into effect this has become an urgent issue that must be properly addressed.

The rules are not enforced properly which leads to an urgent issue within the prison system. Inmates today, are still being abused and mistreated because the proper staff is going against everything that the rules say that they should do concerning the treatment of the inmates. So will enforcing the First Act Bill help or hinder the inmate?

This bill will not reduce or change the sentencing for some of the inmates. So, what is the difference between prison reform and sentence reform? (Lopez,2016).

The difference between prison reform and sentence reform is that there should be other options other than imprisonment and making incarceration the very last choice. Prison reform is needed to assure that this rule is honored and that the inmate’s rights are safeguarded and that their expectation of returning to society is increased in conformity with pertinent normal procedures. Sentence reform does remove some mandatory sentencing, decreases the prison population, and addresses some issues with the penal system regarding prison reform and sentence reform. We need a penal system that not only addresses prison reform but sentencing reform as well. (Morrongiello, 2018). When an inmate is sentenced, the inmate’s life changes at a rapid pace.

The innocent individuals are treated like a hardened criminals when they have done no wrong but according to the penal system with its unfair and abusive treatment of inmates, this vicious cycle continues until justice will one day be served to those who the penal system has failed. (Schlanger, Shay, 2009). Furthermore; the penal system refuses to see the abuse and mistreatment within the prison walls. The inmates are being abused and mistreated because the prison reform act is disregarded within the penal system. Incarceration is a means of punishment but it was not meant to be a means to punish the criminal but rather to stop the criminal from committing crimes. The prison reform act is not being reinforced because if it were, there would be less abuse and ill-treatment of the inmate. (Greene, 2013). Prison reform was created as a means to confine prisoners. The purpose was to stop the criminal from committing crimes in society.

An incarceration is still a form of punishment for anyone who commits a serious crime. The question is will the abuse ever stop in the penal system? (Khatoo, 2014). The abuse and ill treatment of inmates may never end because of the many laws that are broken within the penal system. The penal system refuses to address the many complaints that come across their desks. (Ariz, 2010). Finally, the penal system has failed the inmate that does not stand a chance in a world where they are confined, lost, abused, and mistreated. In conclusion, the abuse and mistreatment of inmates will decrease if the prison system creates a sound reinforcement of rules about the prison reform act. Prison reform must be reinforced within the penal system so that the inmates will feel safe while incarcerated.

The rules concerning the treatment of the inmates should be implemented and carried out however if the penal system does not have the correct reinforcements the system will again fail the inmates who are incarcerated. The prison reform act should be followed by all who care for the inmates to assure the inmates that their safety and treatment are the main priority of the prison system. America needs to wake up and revise the rules for prison reform; there should more concern for the abuse and treatment of all inmates. No inmates should suffer abuse at the hands of staff members who are under their care. It is essential that the White House address this urgent issue and be reminded daily that we all are human and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of whether we are a criminal or not.


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