Princess noise child by Manfred Wieninger Review

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Marek Miert can ill afford the butter on the bread itself. He has no orders, and now three competitors have – among them a franchise operation of Pinkerton’s -. Opened its office in the local Lower Austria Harland

Marek Miert is stubborn, cranky and overlooked thanks to its body mass hardly. He would not have in a demolition house near the station live if he – like his successful colleagues – “attachés or Moldovan godfather in expensive Vienna shade downtown hotels” would (p 105).

Instead, he has to deal with the losers of the Company or the normal psychopath on the edge of the civilized world. But he has deliberately chosen for them.

Now he is for “Princess noise Child”, a young nurse, looking for her lover. She lives in an allotment hut … without Moss again nothing going on. Very clichéd the Lover was about to pick up only once cigarettes and was never seen again since then. Marek Miert is suspected even the murder of a Hungary in further course of action, he must to save his head, do everything possible to shed light on and solve the case.

Manfred Wieningers home on crime social novels are a very special kind: the criminal case and its Enlightenment supply issues and Leitmelodien. This is a dense basso continuo based accompanies the overall composition times, dominated times. By the orchestra but sometimes produces sharp sounds and painfully shrill whistles of social criticism, it puts the superficial Kauzigkeit of the Commissioner and his home, she bore on, lined them shows their breeding ground for …

The first violin always plays naturally Marek Miert, the “discount detective”.

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He experienced first hand how our society – not just Harland, but the whole of Austria; not only Austria but across Europe – wraps: immigrants from the poorest countries – Kurds, Afghans, Chechens, Romanians … – try their luck here. Without a work permit and in inhumane living conditions inevitably result crime and violence. This environment is Marek Miert field of action.

As in all of his previous novels inspired Manfred Wieningers linguistic talent, be as exaggerated as over top Direction wit, his unsurpassed bizarre comparisons, his inexhaustible Reihungen colorful, imaginative, oblique, biting, picky details, strikingly plump-rumble all together yet not: Wieningers Humor is indeed powerful, but rather quiet. It’s the nuances that make the music

Pretty samples can be found on page 103 et seq .: The detective must investigate in a little people-house at the Kremserstraße. on the bulletin board emblazoned the message that one should, given freshly inserted Rat Bait “on his dog and his child” eighth (in that order!) – and has been since 1978 … The residents – for example, a “Xenophone matron” in pink Hausschühchen and dressing gown, a hutzeliger man in red and white “television athletes” -Tracksuit – but, asked or unasked, litanies from which Miert explain the world, their own little that Harländische, and in general. Each of these “troglodyte” has to carry his package is in one way or another odd and yet “representative”, disgusting and yet human.

With a cheery “Allaha Ismarladik” (as Marek Miert gladly adopted) I wish all readers much fun reading

PS: This is Turkish and is called “Goodbye”


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