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Primary Care Physicians Paper

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Primary Care Physicians






Primary Care Physicians

Medical students face certain challenges in choosing to become primary care givers that may include job dissatisfaction due to the lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities, which are selected from the diverse healthcare responsibilities (Shi & Singh, 2019). This discourages the students in specializing in specific areas, which is important in ensuring that students focus on increasing their competency in these areas area. Primary care givers also receive less salary compared to their counterparts who have specialized in specific areas (Shi & Singh, 2019). This is discouraging due to the high amount of fees used in undertaking the primary care program. However, the government and healthcare training institutes have implemented certain strategies, which are meant to encourage medical students to pursue a career as primary care givers (Shi & Singh, 2019).

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This is because primary care has been indicated to improve patient outcomes as well as minimizing healthcare costs. One of the incentives include state-funded loans as well as collaboration with private agencies to provide scholarships to medical students to enable them in accessing financial resources which are necessary for paying for educational services (Kronenfeld, Parmet, & Zezza, 2013). The repayment periods have also been extended to provide adequate time for the students to repay their loans. Credentialing and regulation of healthcare professional both nationally and in the states has an impact in the healthcare which include ensuring that healthcare professionals have the required competence to effectively perform their roles and responsibilities (Kronenfeld, Parmet, & Zezza, 2013).

This is also meant to protect the patient from the negative effects from having under qualified healthcare workforce, which may also affect the major healthcare goals of improving patient outcomes (Kronenfeld, Parmet, & Zezza, 2013). The system can be changed to become more balanced by providing more incentives to medical students to become primary care givers. This can be achieved by making a proposal to the government to enable more medical students to access grants and loans, which will enable the students to pay for these programs (Kronenfeld, Parmet, & Zezza, 2013). This can also be enhanced by increasing in the salary of primary care givers to the same level as those who have specialized in different areas in the healthcare sector.


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