Prevention Of Homeless Veterans In Our Area

Compared to many other communities we have been blessed with prevention of homeless veterans in our area. Our veterans are very important and a huge part of our lives and because of that we take a lot of joy in helping our current veterans along with our former veterans. Even though, I personally have not experienced homeless veterans in my community I am highly aware that this is a bigger problem in other areas of the state. To combat veteran homelessness we must all come together as one community, state, and nation.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to prevent a problem when we all work together as one. There are so many males and females that devoted themselves to our country, but when all they wanted was to go “home” they didn’t have a home. It seems only fair that we devote our time, as they have devoted their time to us, to help give them a safe home.

If all surrounding communities and areas can all create a plan that provides homes or shelters for our veterans.

One major opportunity for veterans to obtain shelter or a home, is if we were able to build facilities all around cites, communities, states, and nation. These facilities could pertain independent lifestyle private residences inside the building. Each residence would include a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living space. The residences would also include everyday living supplies along with basic needs. Veterans that chose to live in these residences would live payment free.

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It becomes very difficult for veterans to make money once they are done serving their time. Because of this reason many are ending up homeless. Therefore, no matter what plan we come up with together, it would only be reasonable to provide our veterans homes payment free. Especially, when we are trying to solve the problem of veterans not having a safe shelter to live, that we come up with ways to find ways to come up with money to provide homes and shelter. Finding ways to come up with money for the veterans and providing everything they need for the residences is from donations and asking for grants.

Putting out the word that homeless veterans is a bigger crisis than it may seem. By creating funds and donation sites would help come up with money for this crisis tremendously. Coming together to create a plan to help collect money will help prevent more veterans from becoming homelessness, and put the ones that are homeless in homes. In conclusion, we as people that appreciate our veterans within our community, state, and nation; to provide homes for our veterans. It is never easy to anything alone, working together will make the biggest impact to combat veteran homelessness. Accepting donations and volunteers willing to maintain the plan to provide everything that the veterans need, also play a huge role into preventing this crisis.

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