Preschool Education as the Beginning of My Transformation

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From my first steps, when my mother dropped me off at Preschool on my first day to the final steps I’ll take across the Altria stage at my high school graduation, I have grown so much, and truly become someone I can look up to. But what has truly transformed me into the woman I am today has been my education I still remember the first day of school when I was so shy and scared to let go of my mother’s hand, and then my teacher Ms, Anderson took my hand telling me “It was going to be okay.

“ And from that first day to today as I write this essay, I have grown significantly from a passionate teacher to challenging courses to real-life and world exposure. From early elementary, I was bullied, and I‘d always have my head down, and never really tried to socialize or stand out. However, it wasn’t until the fifth grade that my teacher Mst Greenwood noticed I had low self esteem and challenged me to realize my potential.

She told me to never let anyone take control of my life, and that I had to take my life in my own hands. She was the first teacher who inspired me to want to challenge myself, and push myself academically and personally. Furthermore, she was also the first teacher to truly inspire me to want to become an educator. Because of her passion and her guidance, when I left elementary school I progressed straight into 7th grade honors classes, and that’s when I finally felt like I was where I belonged.

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I gained the confidence to speak up, I wasn’t afraid to ask a question if I didn’t understand, and I started to explore what my school had to offer like joining the Green Team where we planted crops in the greenhouse to create healthy produce that would be used to nurture our young bodies at lunch.  In middle school, however, I became close with all my teachers, learning more than just what a textbook can content.

An example of one of those things was even in failure you never really lose, but can only grew from mistakes. I also learned you don’t need friends to define you, or to fit in. You can be a lone star, and still shine just as bright I was always chosen for special opportunities like creating the history project that would be selected out of my grade for the History Fair. Even tasks such as grading papers to help other students after school with their homework. But most importantly, I learned it was okay to learn differently from everybody else, because everyone processes information differently, so if I didn’t understand, it wasn’t because I couldn’t understand, I just needed a different point of view to comprehend. But in high school, I got to be in even more productive clubs, rigorous courses, and I believe it really opened my mind to what the future could actually hold for me.

Sophomore year I was in the Culinary Brigade where I became really passionate about cooking, learning what I was really eating and how nutrition is surely important in our everyday lives In french class however, I got to learn about a whole new culture and language which really made me want to travel, see the world and all it has to offer. But in the Environmental Club, I was elected Recycling Manger and really got to experience first hand what it was like to to help the environment, I also ended up taking College Composition where I got to really dive in controversial ideas that affect our society which made me want to be more observant of my environment and pay attention to things I didn’t see at first such as Female Genital Mutilation, or social media’s effect on human’s idea of beauty, and how video games aren‘t actually completely to blame for behavior issues.

In conclusion, this is what has definitely changed me into the person I am today, it all started on a bright sunny day at Overby Sheppard Elementary by a woman with freckles and a passion to education, to how I see the world, and how I can’t wait to be a part of it. lfl had to choose anyjob and not be pay, it would be to become a teacher, so that I can give back what I was given, Because when you become a teacher, you become a mother, a guidance counselor, a social worker, a protector, and one who positively affects the future first hand! Teachers will always be in demand, and always have an immediate impact upon our future and society, because the students I might teach could become president, maybe even the person who solves world hunger, or who creates the technology to cut human‘s pollution in half by converting saltwater into a sustainable form of energy.

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