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Mothers who use opioids during pregnancy not only harm their bodies while pregnant, but their unborn babies also suffer from their abuse of such drugs. The life of a child must lose before the mother is at risk of being charged with a felony according to the bill’s language. Most mothers are aware that they will only be charged with a misdemeanor if drugs are found in their system when they give birth to their infants under a proposed bill which was proposed by a Representative name Jered Taylor of Missouri.

He shared his interest after he had read a 2015 News-Leader story abthe out an epidemic of babies born addicted to opiates. The issue in question is should pregnant mothers be charged for using drugs? In my p, aper I will be discussing what opioid epidemics are, how it affects mothers and their new babies born with addictions, and what happens after the delivery.

Opioids can be described best as a class of drugs that are chemically similar and act on Opioid receptors in the brain and nerve cells.

In our local area, Codeine and Morphine are two common types of Opioids that derive from opium and poppy and are turned into medication. The most recent poppy has caused even more damage than synthetic and semisynthetic Opioids because it is so potent. Carfentanil is so strong that a few grains are toxic enough to be fatal. It is 5,000 times stronger than Heroin and 10,000 times more substantial than Morphine.

Opioids ddonot prey on any specific nationality.

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The opioid epidemic has spread to every group of people in the United States. There are at least 115 Americans whose lives are affected by Opioids addiction. OOpioidepidemics became a health crisis modernly after the increase of prescription painkillers that were issued by most physicians starting around the 1990s which can be referred to as the First Wave of the Opioid epidemic, which is when pharmaceutical corporations assured the medical communities of the safety of prescription opioids as pain relievers. In 2011, doctors had begun prescribing a record number of 238 million Opioid painkillers annually. The outrage of illegal street drugs and drug busts gained more attention, which left an increasing number of Opioids overdoses This period is described as the “first wave” of the theopioidd epidemic.

Next there was the second wave of this epidemic took place in 2010, at this point there has been a rise in the number of deaths which reached as high as 16, 652 as for Heroin drug-induced overdoses. There were also 3,036 Heroin deaths during this wave. Heroin, Cocaine, and motor vehicle ccrashcombined did not exceed the number of prescription Opioids deaths during this year. Hepatitis C, HIV,  and other infectious diseases were on the rise because more people were injecting Heroin.

Three years later the third wave started in 2006, this is when people were mostly dying from highly potent synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl and Carfentanil. Ten years later approximately 19,413 people had drug overdosed on synthetic Opioids this was a total increase of 100% since 2015. Manufacturers are illegally adding synthetic drugs to counterfeit pills such as street drugs like Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana,  and Benzodiazepine to get the added side effect which increases addictiveness.

Since 1999, the rate of

When the topic of the opioid epidemic is being discussed they are usually referring to a variety of behaviors and events relating to the abuse of prescription painkillers such as Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Hand heroin. Some of the aspects such as overdoses, deaths, and hospitalization are currently affecting aloveds many as 2.1 million Americans with Opioids addictions. It is not always the victim’s fault that they become addicted to opioids when someone is in pain they are looking for the quickest way to get relief, unfortunately, while doing so the Opioids are interacting with the body to relieve the pain and at the same time, it is creating feelings of euphoria.

Most would agree that this issue deserves attention because there are way too many women who are testing positive for opioids when they are tested after their delivery. Many of them have had multiply pregnancies and each time the child that they give birth to has to go through. The question I have is why they are continuing to avoid jail time. This issue hits close to home and it has reached its peak. I am tired of watching my loved ones die before, during, or shortly after birth because the mother failed to take to time out to go to the local health department to receive prenatal care. Another issue is that before you can bury one child, she is pregnant with another one, and each time it is the same thing over and over. It is something how drugs can affect the mothers to the extinct that they have noconsciousnesss after their child has died due to their carelessness.

No one ever plans to become addicted.

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