Prayers for missing persons by Jennifer Clement Review

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Acapulco – who wanted it not dream of sun, sand beach, luxury hotels and carefree vacation? But the city has more than 140 murders per 100,000 inhabitants in one of the deadliest in the world. Guerrero, the state where the Mexican “holiday haven” is located, is considered the most dangerous in the country. Worldwide attention he attracted, as were abducted 43 students in September 2014 and apparently killed; behind it probably infected members of the local government and the security agencies, in the end, have brought the Mexico bribes and brutality under their control and undermined the state’s legal system the drug cartels.

Meanwhile, you can always find new mass graves, but the world is long gone to more current issues.

The American author Jennifer Clement brings the hot topic, the suffering to an entire region, dedicated a novel. In February 2014 appeared ” Prayers for the Stolen < " Jennifer Clement: "Prayers for the Stolen" at

in the simple huts of a small mountain village situated in the tropical jungle-hot Guerreros louder women live with their children.

The men are cut down, wanted to send money later, but their traces were lost quickly. Some may have been killed during their flight to the United States, while others have established somewhere new families. In any case, women are now on their own, and they fight brave and resourceful against any danger. Snakes, and red ants, let the arms so thick their bites swell to as legs look, are an everyday natural threat.

The biggest danger but is completely different caliber from beasts.

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They move on motorcycles or in SUVs to wear Ray-Ban glasses on shaved heads, Kalashnikovs hanging over her shoulders, in jeans pockets stuck grenades and cocaine bags in your shirt pocket, Marlboro packet. No one is safe from their manhunt. First they kidnap the farmers from the cornfield away so they help in marijuana crop. Then they take in front of girls who have just reached puberty. None of them ever came back and was able to report what happened to her, but guessed the mothers what is happening and fear the worst.

The protagonist and narrator is LadyDi Garcia Martinez. Her mother Ruth had given her the name of the British princess because she is a “saint of the dupes”. The murderous hatred included her mother on all corrupt men, Prince Charles, LadyDi therefore always carries around with him. Her father had before he left with all the women in the village of sex his wife never to return. Since then expect Ruth always befuddled by alcohol, eagerly the day of reckoning, when he comes through the door and it can abballern him.

Ruth is fooled by all. Pray to God? “Please never … If God listens to love and health, what you want, it does not give you it. Guaranteed.” Rely on the authorities? Trust no one! Here, “all the drug dealers, the police anyway, the mayor also guarantees even our shit president.” Are “Life is evil,” is their favorite maxim.

affection or even love finds LadyDi in their desolate home not. In the cottage there is not even furniture. The refrigerator is Mother’s sanctuary; wherein they also cools cushion between beer, eggs and cheese to night to have a cool head for a few hours. Otherwise droning television, preferably “History Channel” Mother’s gateway to the world.

The first five-year LadyDi reveals itself only gradually, why and what her mother often is peculiar. It always calls for example, only “boy” and clothe them that way. She keeps her a cracked mirror to his face and commented: “. In Mexico, it’s best to be an ugly girl”

In elementary school wear all the girls short hair and boys – except for Mary. . The fact that it came with a harelip to the world and would therefore never kidnapped, one counts it as luck at

gets older as LadyDi and breaks out her femininity unstoppable, her mother is the problem pragmatically: “Make Now we you ugly “. And because “nothing repulsive [is] as a dirty mouth,” she is considering for a moment to turn down individual teeth of her daughter. But then she remembers it, smearing with a marker the white enamel, making the teeth look scruffy. Ruth mastered these tricks, because she runs a beauty salon. When she opened it fifteen years ago, it envisioned to spruce pretty young girl with special hairstyles, makeup and nail polish. Now the dream has vanished, and from “The Illusion” a professional “Hässlichkeitssalon” has become.

Later, digging holes in the ground, so that the girls like little rabbits hide, when the hunters come. The idea came from Concha, mother of Ladydis best friend Paula. But before it could be realized, Paula was the prettiest of all the girls, brought from the dealers, directly from their bed. She was wearing a long t-shirt of her (missing) father and a pink knickers – “What worse [is] to be as naked”

LadyDi such a fate spared.. Maria’s brother Mike procured her a job as a nanny for a wealthy family in Acapulco. What a happy coincidence! When Mike brings Mustang there in his Ford, he has to do just anything on a ranch off the expressway. He’s covered in blood back into the car and opened LadyDi why her father sends money to his mother regularly from New York. For LadyDi whole world collapses. Like a robot she takes impassive man’s commands contrary, has just become the killer: “I obeyed I obeyed I obeyed…” Even the plastic bag that he zusteckt her, she takes to store counter.

In the posh villa on the cliffs experienced LadyDi a few happy months. She falls in love with the gardener Julio, but soon is the police at the door and provides LadyDi awkward questions …

Hard as life LadyDi play along, so she tells it from their perspective: your language is, in fact, short and sweet. So shocking act the recesses, the non Told in our mental cinema, such as when Paula opens her LadyDi and tells how it was (like many other kidnapped women) to “love slave” of a drug baron. Besides the women, the drug dealers also keep predators. The excrement of tigers and lions holding drug sniffer dogs on the hot goods if a transport is controlled. For “the feces of wild animals smelled like meat … for human flesh,” as some said.

Your relentless life can not completely kill Ladydis feelings. Especially between her and Maria a tender bond of mutual care and concern remains. Maria suffers from its Gesichtsentstellung and will undergo surgery after years.

“prayers for the missing” often shock the reader with unflinching brutality and cruel truths. But to be feared is that the reality is probably still incredibly terrible than what Jennifer Clement tells us in her novel. He is, finally perceive an appeal to the world the cries of desperate people who go to Mexico to the streets -. Before the country becomes a large cemetery

This book I have on the list to my 20 favorite books”

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