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Power Nation has all a car guy needs when it comes to shows about vehicles. The Power Nation series first started around five years ago. Its shows include “X-treme Off-Road” (XOR), “Truck Tech”, “Engine Power”, and “Detroit Muscle”. Ranging from building a complete 4X4 in the “XOR” garage, to building a performance engine in the “Engine Power” garage; these guys can do it all. Everyone should watch Power Nation because it is the best car show series on television due to its educational value, uniqueness, and audience.

When it comes to television series’, Power Nation is the best to get an education from on vehicles. The people on this series are trained phenomenally and teach nothing but new information in every episode. When looking to educate one’s self by watching this series, they might like to tune in to “Engine Power”. While watching “Engine Power”, a person can learn very complex and precise techniques to building a well preforming engine.

During the shows a viewer is taught a step-by-step process to complete a functioning project. After building the Rislone Mustang, Rislone had to say, “The “Engine Power” team also added a slew of performance parts, including a track-engineered handling system, Hooker Cat-Back exhaust, high-flow radiator, six-speed TREMEC transmission and Brembo racing brakes.” (n.p.) This just goes to show the amount of educational value that just “Engine Power” alone has to offer.

When it comes to uniqueness Power Nation blows the competitors out of the water. “XOR” takes one of a kind to a whole new level.

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A couple of seasons ago “XOR” built a 4X4 Nissan cargo van with a brand new V8 Cummins diesel engine swapped into it. As Nissan writes about the build on their website, “One-of-a-kind 4WD Cummins® diesel-powered Nissan NV2500 HD set for auto show debut at 2017 Chicago Auto Show.” (n.p.) When people build off-road vehicles they are all the same, yet so different. Most of the time people build Jeeps or older trucks for off-roading. “XOR” decided to go with a truly unique cargo van build from the ground up. They even went the extra mile and started with a two-wheel drive frame, which not many builders do.

As far as audience goes, the Power Nation series reaches a wide variety of viewers in the automotive scene. Ranging from big four-wheel-drive truck enthusiasts, to people who build chopped street rods out of cars from the 40’s and 50’s. The Power Nation series has different viewers for their different shows they have. People who usually watch “XOR” do not usually get along with people who watch “Truck Tech”. This is because a lot of guys think a truck should be lifted with large mud tires no matter what the truck is. People who tend to watch “Truck Tech” like their trucks lowered on the ground with big wheels with a low-profile tire. These two types of viewers have bashed heads for years over their trucks. People who watch “Engine Power” and “Detroit Muscle” tend to get along with all the groups. Reason being is because built engines go in everyone’s builds and almost everyone who watches any show in the series likes the stuff “Detroit Muscle” builds. Other than these people there is the “inbetweeners”, these are the people who watch all the shows and respects everyone’s builds.

The Power Nation series has a large influence on their audience, an abundance of unique builds, and educates all the viewers. The education that “Engine Power” has to offer is beyond just “good”. As well as the uniqueness of the “XOR” builds. The audience, yet being so diverse, is excellent and not like audiences from other shows. With this combination of the traits of Power Nation, that is why everyone should watch the Power Nation series.

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