Power Infrastructure by Rapidly Expanding Greenstone Territory

Can the power supply infrastructure cope with the rapid expansion of the Greenstone area? I am interested in this topic because as a resident that lives in the Greenstone area, I have seen that there has been a huge increase in the infrastructure with many people moving into the area. This relates to Geography as I have recently done the topic of economic geography, different power infrastructures and the power supply around South Africa and seeing which one is the better solution.

I will be using different maps of the Greenstone area in order to see how the power supply is being used in commercial areas, residential areas and industrial areas. This relates to the section of economic geography. I will also be including a photo essay of land use zones.

I will get my background information from the internet as well as my dad. He is the Sales and Marketing Director for the company Solar Africa. Solar Africa is passionate about creating renewable, cleaner and more affordable energy solutions.

Solar Africa provides a solar powered solution as an alternative energy source to supplement the requirement currently being drawn from the grid. Their vision is to work smart and to be able to deliver monthly savings on electricity tariffs as well as to make switching to solar PV an easier and more cost-effective process.

My study area will be the Greenstone area as well as the Modderfontein area.  I will identify an area (square meterage of the Greenstone area), within borders, I will study the land use zones such as industrial, residential, commercial and retail.

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I will then need to identify how many sub-stations are needed and the frequency of power cuts excluding load shedding. I will then look an older area with the same square meterage, with the same land use zones (residential, industrial, commercial and retail)

By using and asking the above, it will give me more relevant information. I will use Google Maps and I will determine the power infrastructure of the Greenstone area. I will then be able to suggest alternative energy. I will complete and hand out surveys to different Estates such as Bushwillow Estate, Emerald Estate, Thorn Valley Estate and Lakeside Estate, as to power usage and how often they have power outages excluding load shedding. These estates would be considered a high-income area. I will take photographs of Greenstone and the Modderfontein area. By doing all the above data collection I hope to prove if the power infrastructure is sufficient to allow residents for 24-hour access to electricity.

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