Positive Culture of Team Leadership

The following sample essay on Positive Culture of Team Leadership. My attitude is influenced by the workplace itself, and this usually comes down to its leadership. Good leadership will promote positive attitudes from employees. A negative culture will dampen the mood and result in more employees calling in sick, feeling unhappy and unmotivated and eventually handing in their letter of resignation. There are many ways to build a productive culture at work. I can help myself to do this by looking at my current situation and finding ways to improve the orkplace culture by changing people’s attitudes to their Job, their environment, each other and themselves.

  Firstly, I need to identify any deficiencies that are causing negative attitudes. These could include issues like favouritism, lack of recognition or different sets of standards for different employees. I must get the best from my teams inspire a positive workplace culture.

Some of the positive influences include: – Fair and equal treatment of all employees Achievements recognised and rewarded Open management style Regular feedback Open and honest communication Clear goals set out Regular training Equal opportunities for all employees Creating a supportive workplace culture is the first step to creating pro-active attitudes.

To develop my employees’ attitudes further, I will need to provide them with the opportunity to assess their feelings, beliefs and behaviours. I can encourage attitude change by using some of the tools on this site. Remember though, I cannot change other people’s attitudes; they need to change their own. But, I can provide an environment and the resources to encourage self-awareness and effective behaviours.

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A positive practice environment makes me and service users and clients eel happy, cosy, and right at home. Here’s how to ramp up the good vibes. For example: – my work place is a mult- culture environment, I used to have a Nigerian staff who so much believe in her culture and the way they do thing over there in Nigerian, when she came to uk she found that thing are a bit different from where she is coming from, I stated encouraging her to belief more in herself and learn how to do thing in uk. With the help I gave her and training she revised helped her to know more in the Job and interact more with her colleagues and she was happy I gave her that support she needed.

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Positive Culture of Team Leadership
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