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Essay Examples on Pompeii Essay

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1st Essay Sample on Pompeii

The animation shows what has been called the plinian stage of a volcanic eruption. It is named after Pliny, a Roman soldier who sailed into the port of Stabiae to try to help some of the people fleeing the volcano. During the plinian stage, dust, ashes, cinders, and rocks erupt high into the air. This stage may last for hours or even days . No lava flows occur during the plinian stage.In time the dust, ashes, cinders, and rocks settle back to Earth.

In areas near the eruption, the amount of these materials can be enormous. During thefirst eight hours of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD they fell on Pompeii to depths of 2 to 4 meters (8-10 feet). The heaps of small rocks that landed on the houses caused many roofs to collapse.In the next stage of the eruption, a superhot cloud of steam and mud flowed down the side of Vesuvius and covered the town of Herculaneum. It took only about four minutes for the boiling mud to flow from Vesuvius to Herculaneum, a distance of about 7 kilometers (4 miles). Vesuvius is near a place where one section of the Earth’s surface is being pushed down below another section.

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These sections are called plates. When plates grind against one another two things can result–earthquakes and volcanoes. Volcanoes begin to form when the rocks of the lower plate get pushed deep into the Earth. There they are heated, until they melt, forming magma, one kind of liquid rock. Because magma is less dense than the solid rock around it, it is pushed upward.

If this magma finds a weak place at the Earth’s surface, it may break through and form a volcano. 62 February 5–A major earthquake almost destroys the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Many buildings are damaged or destroyed, and the aqueducts that bring water into Pompeii are ruined. 79 August 24 and 25–Vesuvius erupts, burying Pompeii in ash and cinders and covering Herculaneum in mud as hard as rock.

2nd Essay Sample on Pompeii

Pompeii Pompeii was an exciting town of 20,000 inhabitants, sitting barely a mile away from the foot of Mt Vesuvius.After the eruption of Vesuvius, Pompeii was buried beneath 15 feet of pumice and ash.This helped to preserve the remains of Pompeii over the years.The excavations by Al-Cubierr, Winkelmann and Fiorelli proved that Pompeii’s citizens lead a social, political and economical lifestyle. 19th century archaeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli introduced some of the highest standards of excavation at Pompeii.He invented the plaster cast technique for reconstructing the buried victims of Pompeii.The fine details of the plaster cast showed the different types of clothing and facial expressions.The victim’s skeletons also provided information on health, age, sex and living standards.These methods proved to be a reliable source of evidence. The city plan shows us the different types of buildings that they had and how they were situated.The different buildings include; Forums – political debates and religious ceremonies were preformed,Basilica (town hall) – for legal and government business, Temples – were dedicated to their Gods, Amphitheatres –Blood sport stadiums, Theatres – held drama performances, Palaestra (gym) – For physical fitness, Thermae (public baths) – Cleansing and socializing atmosphere, and Tombs and Commercial areas for the markets and stores.The streets and roads divide the town into rectangular blocks called insulae.The narrow alleyways, roads and building ruins can still be seen in Pompeii.The three types of Pompeii houses were the atrium house (simplest house), atrium peristyle (verandahs and porches), villas (expensive and luxurious) and apartments (rented rooms).The excavation of the Tragic Poets house showed that it was renovated by a wealthy owner in the last years of Pompeii.

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