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Introduction to Comparative Politics Essay

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Paper type: Essay

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Tutorial 1

1. Ethnocentric ican ibe ithought iof ias ithe iact iof ilooking iat ianother iindividual’s iculture

ipurely ifrom ithe ipreconceptions iof iyour iown i(McCormick, i2013:3) . iIn iother iwords, iit

ican ibe ibelieving ithat ione’s iracial igroup ior iculture iis ibetter ithan iothers iand iso

iestablishing icomparison ifrom ithis iperspective ior iviewpoint. iPeople iwho iare

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iethnocentric icompare itheir ibeliefs ito iothers ibased ion icharacteristics isuch ias ibehavior,

ireligion iand icustoms i(Bizumic iand iDuckitt, i2019: i889) . iAs ihuman ibeings, icomparing

idifferent ithings iis iwhat iwe ido ion ia iregular ibasis, iwhether iwe iare imak ing ia ichoice ion

iwhere ito ieat , iwhat iTV iprogra m iwe iwant ito iwatch ior ieven iwhat icareer iwe iwant ito igo

iinto. iWe inormally icompare ithings ito ievaluate iwhich ione ioperates ibetter ior iis ieasier ito

iuse. iThe iterm iethnocentric ican ibe ilooked iat iin ia inegative iway, ireason ibeing ithat ithis

imethod iof ireasoning iencourages iracial idiscrimination iand iprejudice ias iwell ias iother

iembodiments iof idiscrimination. iTo ibetter iunderstand ithe iconcept iof iethnocentrism iwe

ican ialso ilook iat imodern iexamples iof iit, iwhich iinclude ireligion iand ipolitics. iIn ireligion,

imost ireligions itoday iview itheir ireligion ias isuperior ithan iother ireligions. iFor iexample

iwith iMuslims iand iChristians, ithey i“believe ithat itheir iGod iis ithe ione irightful iGod” iand

ithat iother ireligions iworship ifalse iGods isimply ibecause itheir icustoms idiffer ifrom ithem,

iand ithey itry ito iconvinc e ipeople ifrom ithose ireligions ito ileave itheir ireligions iand ito ijoin


2. McCormick ithinks icomparative ipolitics imakes ius iless iethnocentric ibecaus e iby

icomparing iourselves ito iother ipeople iit ihelps ius ito iunderstand ione ianother ibetter

i(McCornick, i2013: i4). iAccording ito iDogan iand iPelassy i(Cited iin iMcCornick, i2013:4),

i“Knowledge iof ithe iself iis igained ithrough iknowledge iof iothers”. iComparison ileads ius

ito iapp reciating ithe icomplexity iand ivariety iof ihuman isociety. ifurthermore, iit

iemphasizes ithe ifact ithat ifrom ia iplace iof ibetter iunderstanding , ione ican icome ito imore

iobjective ireasoning iand iconclusions i(Bizume iand iDuckitt, i2019: i291) . iBy iStudying

icomparative ipolitics, ia imore ibalanced iview iof ithe iworld icomes iinto imind. iThe

iproblems ithat iarise ifrom istudying ithe iworld ifro m ia inarrow iviewpoint iis ithe ireason

iwhy iSaid iis iso icritical ion ithe iway iin iwhich iwestern ischolars istudy ithe irest iof ithe

iworld. iSaid itherefore ibecomes ia icritic iof ithis iway iof ireasoning, iin ithat, ihe iseeks ifor

istudies ito ibe imore iobjective iother ithan ipreconceive d iideas isuch ias ipeople ifrom ithe

iMiddle ieast iare iautomatically iall iterrorists ior ihave iterrorist itendencies i(Said, i1978:

i55) . i

Reference list

McCormick, J, 2013 . Compar ative politics in transition . Boston , MA: Wadsworth.

Said, E, 1978.Orientalism, London: Penguin.

Bizume, B and Duckitt, J, 2012. “ What Is and Is Not Ethnocentrism? ” A Conceptual Analysis

and Political Implications . Political Psychology, 33 (6): 887 -909.

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