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Pixar movies have been know to be cheesy, fun and funny animated films for children to enjoy. A year after the release of Ratatouille, director and writer Andrew Stanton and Pixar, team up to create WALL-E, a whimsical sci-fi fantasy about robots into the future. This movie creates a story about love and loneliness, the possibilities and pitfalls of human existence. Just like Finding Nemo, this movie film includes an underlying message that impacts not only to the younger children watching this film but the parents of those children enjoying the movie.

Planet Earth was abandoned by mankind many centuries ago after it was filled with trash and toxins created by the same mankind that abandoned it, however one last robot was left to “clean up” the ruins that left on Earth.

That robot would be WALL-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class), a mobile waste disposal. All alone on this planet, WALL-E, who decade after decade spends his time looking after Earth.

Since the planet was abandoned, mankind had become fat and lazy after centuries of living in floating spaceship above Earth. EVE (short for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) another, more advanced robot is sent back to Earth to search for signs of life on the abandoned planet. WALL-E becomes smitten by EVE and follows her deep into space, where he discovers what has gone wrong with the human race and undertakes, with typical diligence, to fix it.

The plot and imagery of this movie creates a wonderful look and storyline.

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Like so many of the Pixar multiple animated features, it finds a pattern that’s bright, colorful and cheerful. Much more appealing to the younger audiences, the colorful images captures the attention of children watching this movie. The soundtrack is full of animated noises, rattles, jingles, explosions, music and with the little use of words create a fascinating storyline . Stanton and his animation team create the story by inventing a visual and aural language with which these robotic creatures can express a range of emotions. WALL-E contains a message that many of the younger audience watching the film might not understand. However to those old enough to understand many of the issues that occur on this plant will understand the message this film is trying to deliver.

Meaning that this film is not only intended to children but also the parents of those children watching this movie. WALL-E storyline conveys the message of the one the biggest environmental issues and the impact that it has on the planet and the human race. Stanson creates the point and meaning of the story in a well organized and appealing manner. With its animated features, whimsical music and captivated images it captures the attention of anyone who watches this movie. The reality that this film portrays impacts the older the audience. The younger audience may be able to understand the plot and meaning of this movie, but it’s much more impactful to those of older age. WALL-E was a mainstream movie in which so much is conveyed with so very few words. This animated film contained a variety of emotions. The younger audience will thoroughly enjoy the colorful and bright images and variety of sound effects and music. While the older audience will be captivated by the underlying message about the planet and the human race this film contains.

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