Pittsburgh shooting: Social Кelationships

Social relationships send inappropriate signals during a hate crime gunfight. Robert Bowers went into a synagogue where he was armed with several handguns as well as an AR-15. He took all of 20 minutes to take the lives of 11 innocent Jewish worshipers. We as individuals have no right to decide who lives and who dies in this world. Just because someone doesn’t agree with everything, we say doesn’t give anyone the right to decide the only way to live equally is to meme or kill each other.

What kind of person would even think of killing someone because they practice a different religion? The God I believe in does not allow us to stand up as judge or jury, imposing a life or death sentence on anybody. People can behave in hurtful ways especially when social opinions become made up facts. The truth of the matter is that we all have our own opinions and can express them openly and honestly without prejudice and without mean or hateful comments that cause folks not to get along with each other.

Harsh words either spoken or splashed out in a wormhole of viral information on the internet can never be taken back. As an independent contractor where he drove his own truck, he had plenty of time to think on how he could change things with a rapid firing AR-15 assault rifle and 3 handguns. Wendell Hissrich, the city’s public safety director, would not comment if Bowers was cooperating with investigators. Hissrich said that Bowers had been transported to a local hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

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Hissrich stated that no children were amongst the fatalities, but four police officers were injured during the massacre. It’s a sad thing that when bad people have creepy followers that share in past and future killings. If we used our brains that are already locked and loaded with kind, decent actions could be taken to do better than bad. I believe the root of the problem lies within a lifetime of morals taught to us by our family, schools and local churches.

Each model represents a social behavior norm guideline that allows us to work together as a team. Lives would be much nicer if everyone could come to an understanding that reaches out to help each other when we need it and do it with dignity as the acts they represent. Some believe that the solution to issues like this horrible incident is to place armed guards in certain places. This could stop a criminal before they even attempt to conduct mass shooting because the possibility of being stopped before even being able to start. Yet, the words of special advancement trickle down the enterprising hill of violence fueled by his hateful name calling, and the accelerated use of Twitter. Robert Bowers appeared in handcuffs and used a wheelchair during his first court appearance which lasted 10 minutes on Monday. Bowers, an alt-right man, was unknown to the police.

He described his handguns as his “glock family,” and he wrote that “jews are the children of satan.” Bowers was also infatuated with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society – or HIAS – which helps refugees settle in the U.S. Bowers wrote, “HIAS likes to bring invaders across our borders that can kill our people. Can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.” The suspect had 1 assault rifle, and 3 handguns. Rabbi Jeffrey, the Tree of Life’s spiritual leader just started his sermon when the shooting started. This brave hero was able to help some of the congregants but was unable to save everyone. I am sure type of traumatic experience weights heavy on Rabbi Jeffrey and I am sure he blames himself for not saving everyone. I believe without a doubt that even though he could not save everyone he did the best he could, and he is a hero in my eyes. Out of the individuals that were murdered no one was under the age of 54 and the oldest was 97. A husband and wife were amongst the people killed as well as two brothers The people that were killed in this horrific incident were.

All of these innocent people killed for what? It still doesn’t make since that the gunman only went for the elderly individuals, I don’t understand how much of a menace they could be. What did they ever do to a stranger who thinks any of these people were “children of Satan.” U.S. Attorney Scott Brady says prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Pittsburgh shooting suspect Robert Bowers, as stated by the Associated Press reports. A GoFundMe account has been established and nearly $490,000 dollars have been raised for the victims. The goal for this campaign is $1 million. Tens of thousands of dollars were raised for victims and their families by two Muslim groups. Their campaign goal started at 25,000 dollars but has now been raised to 80,000 dollars. This is due to exceeding the expected fundraising amount several times. A GoFundMe spokesperson told CBA News that all money raised will be transferred to the Tree of Life Congregation.

This money will help congregations with the physical damages on the building and the survivors and the victims’ families. The Tree of Life will send funds to help victims with medical and funeral expenses. (Carrissimo). This is not the only hate crime to hit headlines this past week. There were two African-Americans murdered in a grocery store in Kentucky. These incidents are just the ones we know about there is no telling how many things get swept under the rug and are hidden from the public eye. Hate crimes may be at an all-time high in big cities but Jewish individuals suffer the most out of any other group. Bomb threats, anti-Semitism rallies, social media threats and spray-painted swastikas on synagogues targeted at Jewish-Americans. Anti-Semitic incidents nationwide in 2016 was a huge increase since 1979.

Those incidents plagued every state in 2017 for the first time in seven years (Carissimo). Robert Bowers was charged with 11 counts of criminal homicide and 13 counts of ethnic intimidation Bowers’s criminal complaint said he was charged with ethnic intimidation due to his own words that he wanted “all Jews to die” and that he believed Jews were “committing genocide to his people.” The Department of Justice announced late Saturday that 29 federal charges had been filed against Robert Bowers. (Carissimo) Even leading up to the event he showed how much of a horrible person he was. Bowers posted several threats on Gab which is a social media site known for supremacists and extremist as well as proposing conspiracy theories threw his online activity. Mr. Trump said we can’t let “sick” and “demented” people run our lives.

“We have our lives,” Mr. Trump said. “We have our schedules. And nobody’s going to change it. So here we are. And let’s have a good time. And if you don’t mind, I’m going to tone it down just a little bit.” Does that mean he will behave himself and stop sending hateful, blood curdling messages to people who take every sound bite seriously from Mr. Trump? Death threats aren’t funny, nor does the idea of telling lies for so long our leader ignores or no longer knows or understands what an assault on humanity is. Tragedies like this show how cruel and demented the world as we know it can be but it is important not to lose sight of the beauty left in this world. This type of horrible deviance will hopefully lead to some positive deviance. Where individuals will stand up to fight against gun violence and fight it hate crimes. When need to bring each other closer and be less divided to make a change in this great America

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