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Everyone knows: The technical term is on the tongue, but will simply not show. So you have to speak broken around it to encircle its meaning. About this nondescript bones, a friend has broken. That’s difficult in the mother tongue -. In the foreign language but much more complex and error-prone

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Jourist Picture Dictionary Italian German-© Jourist-Verlag | www.


Jourist Picture Dictionary Italian-German – © Jourist-Verlag | www.buecherrezensionen.org “

Jourist picture dictionary Italian German-© Jourist-Verlag | www.buecherrezensionen.org”

Jourist picture dictionary Italian-German – © Jourist-Verlag | www.buecherrezensionen.org “

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Or this strange herb that is spreading on the terrace!. No idea how that in German is called – as then report in Italian it

Or vice versa: in an Italian text a term occurs, a non continue to help its German equivalent right from the dictionary – what exactly? again a “lunetta” or “bezel”?

a picture does say sometimes more than a thousand words. And that is the strength of Bildwörterbuch concept, which implements the specialized out Jourist-Verlag.

With reference to a picture (photo, symbols, sections, etc.) is performed, the term including the most important details of the object in mind. A nice side effect is that one to the searched word around and equal to others becomes acquainted with a number and more is curious …

I present smaller version illustrated on hand of over 3,000 pictures already 18,000 words and phrases , divided into fourteen subjects of plants, animals and the human body through all sorts of everyday objects and cultural life to fields such as tools, communications, industry, transport.

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In two registers all German and Italian vocabulary lists, which accelerates the reference when at least one of the languages ​​knows exactly what you are looking for. For five euros more, there is “The big picture dictionary Italian-German” “Das big picture dictionary Italienisch-Deutsch” at

In addition to German-Italian, there are two versions for German-English, -French, -Spanish and -Russian and as thick five-language hardcover edition (German-English-French-Spanish-Italian) ” The large multilingual picture dictionary English-German-French-Spanish-Italian “in” / p >

the highlight of the concept is, of course, that there are all these books smartphone apps, one that the move even a little can look fix. To do this, find out more at the Homepage of Jourist-Verlags”

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