Picking Up The Pencil

Writing has never really been an issue for me. I have found, however, that writing something that actually makes sense and interests other people is most definitely a feat. I find it easy to explain something in detail so much that the reader can almost physically experience an event along with me. I simply can’t make it interesting enough, though, for a person to really want to continue reading. My writing style hasn’t changed much throughout the years, which hasn’t shown to be very beneficial.

Even though I’ve been through many writing/english courses in k-12, I still seem to write with the same spacey, unnecessarily descriptive hard-to-understand style.

Writing as a child came as a blessing to me. I had always had a hard time trying to communicate dealing with both a speech impediment and a learning disability due to my hearing loss. Writing allowed me to get my point across without feeling socially awkward. With being able to communicate more clearly, I felt encouraged to learn new words and how to both say and apply them properly.

Being naturally curious, I would spend hours and hours on my own going through my pocket dictionary and learning to physically write the words and apply them to my sentences in an attempt to get my point across more accurately. I would always write short stories and hand them out as though I was already an author and my pieces were gifts. Writing helped me to make sense of what was going on around me.

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I could tell about things that were actually happening to me as a child, or make up stories to make myself feel just as important as the authors who created the storybooks I grew up with.  My stories, along with my “beautifully drawn” crayon-art, showcased a creative part of me that neither I or my parents really knew existed. In a way, being able to write gave me a voice. As I got older, writing became a way to get through the awkward steps of my emotional development; becoming more in-detail and imaginative. I would write about supernatural beings and heroes introduced in the wrong environment. Essentially, I would explain the alienation I felt as a developing child through creating stories of people overcoming great obstacles. When I was crushing on a boy for the first time but was too shy to talk to him, I wrote a story about a mute girl with secret magical powers who wanted to talk to a boy but wasn’t allowed to because of some greater force.

Being able to write about these things and make sense of them by looking at my ordeals another way, made growing up a lot easier. Essay writing was never easy. The first essay I wrote was difficult and hard to write. I didn’t know the first step on how to put an essay together. Everytime I would start I would tear the paper up and have to start all over again. I knew what I wanted to say, but didn’t know how to put my ideas together. Throughout this semester, I’ve learned more and more about the process. I’ve learned to pick out my topic. I’ve learned to think about the most important subjects of the topic. When I’m finished I know to sum it up in the conclusion, after I’ve checked to see if I’ve used the correct grammar and punctuation marks.

Getting into my teenage years, I began to keep a diary. In this my writing style changed slightly again, and got more into detail in the romantic department. I began using a lot of symbolic language which segwayed into my dabbling in poetry. Due to my beginning to become attracted to other individuals, my poetry became more and more romantic and thus more and more metaphoric. I began looking at my feelings and emotions with a more abstract tone than I ever had before. I started to really get into my writing, and it somehow became less and less interesting to everyone else at the same time. I started struggling with my ability to make others understand my symbolic writing.

As a young adult, I have still kept a diary, however, my writing style has changed again. I am now into songwriting. I’ve become more and more emotionally attached to my words, and the poetic sense has really taken over. This passion has even bubbled over into my studies, as I’ve began making short songs and jingles to remember difficult vocabulary and topics. I find that creating songs out of material really helps me to retain the information, and more easily recite it. This really comes into handy during the anxiety-ridden process of test-taking, and almost makes it fun!

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