This man, Thich Nhat Hanh, is an amazing person. He has so many different titles he holds in his life. From global spiritual leader to peace activist and poet(PlumVillage, 2019). He was born in Vietnam in 1926. he started becoming a monk at the age of 16. Yes that means he is still alive today at age 92(PlumVillage, 2019). That means the time, culture, and era he has affected is the one we are in. Specifically, he influenced western culture. During the Vietnam war, he came to America to teach about Comparative Religion(PlumVillage, 2019).

He has also written a lot of novels that are 3 popular in western culture as well. He also started the movement of budhist temples in America(PlumVillage, 2019). I chose him because of his look on Metaphysics are very similar to my own. I feel not many people feel that way because it is the hard route. I admire his strive and accomplishments in life. I wish to strive to be as an amazing person as him.

Even at his age right now, he has a twitter account and is networking peace. He even has a facebook. Thich Nhat Hanh has an interesting look on metaphysical challenges. Everyone has feelings. Most people want to get rid of their negative feelings as soon as possible. Where Thich wants you to actually deal with the negative feeling(suffering) with mindfulness. He describes cradling your suffering with mothering embrace(Brown, 2019). As we all know, ignoring your feelings does not make them go away. Thich puts breathing and distractors into play to calm the negative emotions.

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Then, reminds you that this will not last forever with questions about the future(Brown, 2019). This can be played out in many different scenarios. Someone can feel they are poor. It is something that is preventing them from doing things they want. It negatively affects them emotionally. Mindfulness would say to feel that and feel sad. Know that you are here for yourself and understand why you are having this feeling. Then look towards the future and know that this is temporary and will change in the future. This can be said with other examples. he makes people realize that there is no happiness without sadness. They have to both exist in nature. 4 I feel like this person is still very relevant considering they are still alive. I feel a lot of people have issues dealing with their feelings in modern day. Suicide rates are higher today because of stress. Which can be the result of build up, and undealt with, feelings. I personally feel like there is more to this though. Feelings are so complex. This is not an overnight life changing concept. This is something that takes time and effort to work on. Like if you shoved all your feelings in a room and this concept is a shovel you found. That room filled with a lifetime worth of feelings will not be dug out overnight. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to do that work either.

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