Pharmacology Personal Statement

Pharmacology is a particular branch of medicine that studies the uses, effects and numerous actions of drugs. Students who are learning this complex field of medicine are responsible for understanding the side effects of drugs and also why modes of actions of drugs are different for different individuals. Seeking a higher degree in this field has become quite competitive these days. However, you can surpass the competition and get into the University of your Choice by writing winning pharmacology personal statement.

A personal statement is an admission essay that demonstrates who you are as a person, why you pursue a particular field and what you hope to accomplish. A personal statement is accompanied by an admission application. Admission officers expect compelling statements from the applicants to see which applicants are best suited for their university. Even if you have not-so-compelling educational background, you can still get into your dream academia by creating an interesting statement.

  • Make a long list of your personal traits or qualities that you think will make you a first-rate pharmacologist and a valuable add in the pharmacology community.

    For example, a pharmacologist must needs to be a detail-oriented person.

  • Determine what motivated you to study drugs. Remember that the admission department will be very curious to learn more about you. Therefore, you have to clearly define your passion for this field within the capacity of the statement. It is recommended that one should clearly define his/her motivation at the opening of the statement. As it will help the applicant to grab the attention of the admission department right from the introduction.

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    By including motivation or personal stories in the statement your essay will deemed as an authenticate piece, thus attracting more attention of the admission department.

  • Explore the website of the university that you are applying to. Examine the requirements for the admission and go through their curriculum carefully. Analyze the programs or special courses that are offered by them. Different universities offer different courses so examine the website of each university carefully to learn more about them. Customize each statement according to the preferences of each university.
  • Keep editing the draft of the personal statement and see what necessary elements still need to be included in the statement. Keep the length of the statement in line with the given length requirement.

Let us take a look at some do’s and don’ts of writing winning personal statement


  • Use any irrelevant details in the statement such as personal religious or political views.
  • Be tempted to use unnecessary humor. It is suggested that a pharmacology personal statement should avoid any humor.
  • Lie while hoping to impress the reader. Be honest.
  • Use quotes unless if it is very necessary.
  • Hesitate to use pharmacology jargons however keep it to a minimum.


  • Make sure that you make a copy of the statement for future reference.
  • Make sure that the personal statement is immaculate.

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