Persuasion Versus Judgment

Topics: Healthy Eating

Recently, the population of the Earth significantly increased, and there is a tendency that it will continue increasing. Each year it becomes harder and harder to feed the planet. This is the reason why the price of qualitative food is relatively high nowadays. However, there exist plenty of alternative food which on the one hand, satisfies hunger, but on the other hand, brings only calories to the body to sustain its functioning and has no value in terms of benefit to it.

Saturated fats and highly processed grains are the most important enemies of human health. Low-quality food reduces life. However, what is particularly concerning, it deteriorates the quality of life by damaging human health. With this evidence, a logical conclusion proceeds. Eating healthy is important because it has a direct influence on human health and, therefore, distinguishes the general quality of life.

First of all, eating healthy contributes to weight loss. With low-quality food, obesity has become a plague of modern times.

At the same time, advertisement promotes an obsession with the cult of the body as a priority for confident, successful, and attractive individuals. Such contradiction creates inconsistency in society. On the one hand, a strong and attractive body becomes a significant constituent of an individual’s well-being. At the same time. Mass eating habits prevent them from having it. Eating healthy helps to fill this gap and eradicate contradiction. Eating healthy has a direct connection to looking attractive.

Moreover, eating healthy does not only make one look better, but it also makes one feel better.

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“In 2016, researchers found that a diet with a high glycemic load may cause increased symptoms of depression and fatigue’ (Butler, N. (2018)). It is exactly refined carbohydrates that increase glycemic index rapidly. Reducing them would have a positive effect on one’s emotional state.

Altogether, this evidence is only a drop in the sea when arguing for healthy eating. Still, the main argument for healthy eating is its connection to a better quality of life. Good health and appearance are important factors in the life of a modern individual and eating healthy help to achieve harmony with your body and with the world in general.


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