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Performing Arts Essay Examples

Subcategories: Acting & Theater, Reference
Common Features of a Shakespeare Comedy

Common Features of a Shakespeare Comedy What makes a Shakespeare comedy identifiable if the genre is not distinct from the Shakespeare tragedies and histories? This is an ongoing area of debate, but many believe that the comedies share certain characteristics, as described below: * Comedy through language: Shakespeare communicated his comedy through language and his…

Short Story and Dance Pianist

Status in Two Chekhov Stories In the introduction to our edition of Chekhov’s short stories, by George Pahomov, it is stated that Chekhov’s fiction “captured the burgeoning Russian democracy” and that “in Chekhov’s democratic world view, no one was excluded” (vii-viii). We see these ideals being put forward in the two stories by Chekhov that…

Role of 'Fate' Romeo and Juliet

In William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet have fate is one of the main contributors that lead to their deaths. Because of fate, the play becomes exciting and it is exactly what makes the two young lovers meet each other in the first place. It was fate that a Capulet’s serving man told Romeo and…



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Much Ado About Nothing Key Scenes

Potential passages for my exam * Act 1 Scene 1 Lines 1-70 (opening of the play) * Act 2 Scene 1 Lines 1-60 (Beatrice views on love) * Act 2 Scene 1 Lines 160-257 (Love Benedick and Beatrice) * Act 2 Scene 3 Lines 6-27 and 181-200 (Benedicks speeches on love) * Act 3 Scene…

Shakespeare’s Influence on English Literature

Shakespeare’s influence on English literature has been unsurpassed. His influence did not confine itself to the intricate detailing of his stories alone, but extended to all aspects of storytelling, namely mellifluous prose, evolved characterization and varied settings. All of these contributed in making his stories memorable and through primarily these three elements together with the sheer…

Analysis of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House

Henrik Ibsen’s short story, A Doll’s House, basically centralizes on the differences between the initial appearances and the true personalities of the characters and the many sacrifices that women make in a marriage. The author evidently illustrated the first theme through all story’s main characters as each of them exhibited a personality that is different…

Willy Loman’s Failure to be a Tragic Hero

The tragic hero has long been a dramatic figure. Oedipus defines such a hero; his future determined by the fates and the gods, his actions work together to bring it about even as he believes that he is taking pains to avoid it. He has no choice in how his story will end; he is…

How Does Iago Plant His Poison on Othello's Mind?

How does Iago plant his poison on Othello’s mind about Desdemona’s infidelity? Iago manages to plant poison in Othello’s mind by doing it gradually. In Act III scene III, we can see that his plan is going well as he convinces the Moor that Desdemona are having a love affair with Cassio. These two are…

Compare and Contrast of Macbeth

Behavior of Macbeth Macbeth was not always the cold-blooded killer that one may depict in the later acts of Macbeth. At the start of the play, Macbeth could be described as a loyal hero who aimed at serving his king. However, when Macbeth came across the opportunity to seize the throne, he capitalized on it….

How does Shakespeare Create Comedy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I am writing an essay based on the several ways Shakespeare creates comedy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I will start by explaining the visual humour first, followed by the aural humour and ending with my conclusion that gives an overall evaluation of Shakespeare’s presentation of humour in this play. Doing this I will hope…

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