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PC and His Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Alternative Medicine

Pacific Islanders are from many different islands. Those islands in the Pacific Ocean are categorized into three main types. For this paper I will focus mostly on the Polynesian population since that is where most of the migration to the US has come from (Andrews, 2013). Some of the cultural differences have to do with religious believes. Many pacific islanders believe in gods, and the supernatural and believe that those things play a role in illnesses and adjust treatment accordingly. There are many treatment methods that are common among this culture including, massage, herbal treatment, and balance among relationships (Andrews, 2013).

Hispanics/Latinos can be from many different countries. The fastest rising population in the United States and also the biggest ethnic group (Andrews, 2013). Many have religious background that is Roman Catholic. Many believe in the supernatural, and do not consider they have control over what happens to them, God’s will determines illness and recovery (Andrews, 2013). Many families believe in traditional roles for males as the protector and provider and females as the homemaker and child care provider. Self-treatment or local healers are often tried as a first line of action (Andrews, 2013).

Childbirth is a time in life when people are happy to be going to the hospital for care. When Pacific Islanders give birth they like for family to be present during the birth (Davis et al., 2017). Having children can be a stressful event and people like to have things the way they want during stressful times, they also want people they trust and can seek advice from around them. Pacific Islanders trust family and rely on them and they OB for information to make informed decisions during childbirth (Davis et al., 2017). Children of Pacific Islanders are often raised with grandparents around and taught to respect them (Mokuau et al., 2015). Grandparents play a vital role in teaching children core values specific to the pacific island culture.

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When Hispanic/Latinos give birth they have a strong tie to family being involved in all aspects of childbirth (Andrews, 2013). Hispanic cultures have conditions that are considered “hot” or “cold” and they have strong beliefs about foods they can eat and things that must be avoided. Pregnancy is considered a “hot” condition they believe strongly that they should avoid hot foods, and conditions that are considered “hot” (Andrews, 2013). With the supernatural beliefs they may seek care for pregnancy late do to it being a normal condition (Andrews, 2013). Children are considered a gift from God in the Hispanic culture, and family is highly involved in their care from childbirth on (Andrews, 2013).

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