Patient Relationship Is Indeed Base on Trust and Respect

I am confused, bothered and there are a lot of questions that come to my mind on that situation. I grew up in a Christian family and we are taught that we should be honest in our words, actions, thoughts and wants and it is also taught at school but in this situation, it felt I didn’t make it right. And I ask myself, am I doing the right thing and if I tell the truth am I the right person to tell about it.

It was really hard for me to communicate, I can’t look at Mrs. A directly, and I felt like I am always in a hurry when I speak with her because I am hiding something from her that she really needs to know.

The client seems to have a very positive outlook in life and even verbalized that she is happy she will get better and can spend more quality time with her family and can see her future grandchildren.

Hearing those words from her makes me want to cry, I really felt guilty. And I remember the nurse assigned felt the same, I observe that she limits her time with the client perhaps to avoid the honest conversation. I understand the daughter’s feeling and the nurse because it was really hard not disclose the information to Mrs. A because we violate the autonomy, veracity and giving Mrs. A, a false hope that she will get better. When I look back to what I have done, declaring the truth to Mrs.

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A should be the right thing do, I know it is hard but Mrs. A deserves the truth. Mrs. A has the right to be informed about her diagnosis and prognosis, it is hard but I believe it can improve communication.

If I will experience the same situation in the future, I will always think about putting myself in a patient’s place, if I am Mrs. A, I would really feel betrayed and disappointed with the nurse and the daughter, I am the client, and I have the right to know. The nurse and patient relationship is indeed base on trust and respect. First, with the physician, I will discuss the diagnosis with patient and family. Family members should not be told about the diagnosis first before the patient is told because the patient is capable and can still decide on her own. Not telling the truth would not cause stress however as a nurse I am giving false reassurance that she will get better. By knowing the truth as a patient I can ask for options to make my life longer or delay death. As a nurse,

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