PARTB The strategy used by student is the questionable strategy and


The strategy used by student is the questionable strategy and is also of advanced thesis type. It further leads to the full explanation to that question. This strategy drew all the regard of the readers towards the essay and make it more attractive.

The single argument that drew the interest approaching the essay is about the effects of parenting style or authoritative parenting style on child’s behavioral development.

The specific subtopics provided in the thesis are: –

Influence relationship due to authoritative parenting

Environmental factors play role in development

Negative influence leads to negative development

Topic sentences are always at the opening of a paragraph and the whole paragraph further revolves around that topic.

Yes, the student has offered strong topic sentences to give the overview of the content written in the paragraph. One of the paragraphs starts with the outside factors involving in the personal development and it further continued by giving brief description about the incident that happened between Rachel and Mika, the landlord and father figure.

It helps Rachel to form affection and respect towards others.

Yes, the student has supported the points with specific examples. Rachel’s relationship with Celia has played an important role in shaping her life. Correlation between strong relation between children and their parents which further develop friendships, they have a better social life and have a great interacting session with peoples. Celia helps Rachel to start interacting with others. She also teaches her to play piano as she is an accomplished player, which was beneficial for Rachel when she was trapped in Ron’s basement.

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Celia’s closeness with her daughter affected in her daughter’s personal development.

Yes, the student supported the points with citations whenever it was required. He/she citied each point that was not of her own. Like the direct sayings of an author and the year in which it was said I.e. (Gowdy, 2007, p.28) it clearly indicates that she gave the complete credit to the author by particularly citing each and everything.

In the conclusion, the student has gathered the same things which he/she has written in the complete essay. Moreover, combined it to a single paragraph. He/she demonstrate the gowdy view in a single line and what she conveyed in her novel “helpless.”

Yes, the student reviewed the thesis very well. In the conclusion, the student mentioned that gowdy revealed that life is not boring and it further affect the conclusion. It makes the example more realistic and also make us believe that life takes different paths and also it is full of adventures.

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