Part BHow technology has modified in Sophea Ly’s lifeSophea Ly is a

Part B

How technology has modified in Sophea Ly’s life

Sophea Ly is a thirty-eight-year-old female who has witnessed both a mix of astonishing and dispiriting changes that has either improved or corrupted her life. She has lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Sophea left her home with her family to live her best life possible in Australia, Sydney. She has been a resident of Fairfield for 23 years. The changes she has noticed throughout her entire life have influenced her conceptions of what is to be seen in the future.

This report is based on the changes Sophea has witnessed regarding technology, and how it has affected her lifetime as well as herself.


Travelling had never been much of a problem for Sophea, regardless of the situations she may come across and encounter, ever since modern vehicles allow her to travel easily, effortlessly and quickly. The only choices for transportation Sophea could choose in the past were to walk, use motorcycles or bikes.

These choices did not allow Sophea to get to places as quickly as it would take using modern vehicles. This meant that Sophea and her family couldn’t get very far on land. She is glad that this change has occurred because travelling is part of her everyday life.


Communication used to be time-consuming and expensive. However, communicating still cost a ton, just not as much as it had been in the past. It would take a few minutes to call someone on home phones, and a month to send someone a letter when I was younger, but with mobile phones, tablets and social media platforms, it is now much easier to contact and keep up with everyone and everything as you are able to connect with people from across the world effortlessly and instantly.

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Farming isn’t important to Sophea now because she can rely on grocery markets for fresh groceries as they are always in stock of vegetation. Thanks to the help of machines and our wonderful farmers. The prices of crops at the shops have decreased due to the automatic machines that we use for agriculture nowadays. Back then, there was no such thing as manual machines or machines to fasten the process of farming. We would either walk a long mile or use oxen as transports to water and harvest crops. The automatic machines that exist are capable of irrigation and tractors, driven by farmers, harvest the crops.

What changes have enhanced Sophea’s life?

With the introduction to useful changes, Sophea doesn’t need to think that much about the situations that could potentially occur. With the change of communication, she is now able to effortlessly keep in contact with her sister overseas whenever she wants and receive information on the events that happen across the globe in an instant. With the change of agriculture, Sophea doesn’t need to worry about the low supply of crops due to the machines that exist. These machines help water, grow and harvest the crops instantly as the population increases. With the changes regarding transportation, Sophea can travel anywhere effortlessly now. She can travel overseas to meet her relatives from the other side of the world and bring her children to school without making them late.

What order would the respondent rank the changes?

Technological change factor identified

Ranking (1 best change – 10 worst change)







The table above shows Sophea’s ranks on the technological changes that she has witnessed throughout her life.

What technological innovations do they expect to happen in the future?

The tremendous changes in technology is not a surprise. Humanity can now come up with almost anything. I would say there will be flying cars, crop harvesters, fertile soil detector, flexible smartphones, bacteria detectors, clothing with manageable temperatures, shopping carts that have seats we can sit on while shopping, sports gears that indicate possible approaches and injuries, in the future.

How do they feel more/less socially isolated now?

With all these additions like mobile phones, Sophea can keep in contact with relatives from across the globe anytime anywhere and not feel isolated from them. It’s easy for her to stay in touch with people now by instant calling and messaging. The majority of the objects she sees come from across the world, and that makes her feel very connected. She has a painting of Angkor Wat at her house. It reminds her of home and the joyous feeling of how everything feels there.


Throughout the interview with Sophea Ly, it is evident that she feels a mix of connectedness, approval and disappointment as she finds some changes unnecessary. It is clear that she has high expectations of technology in the future, and would like to see some handy changes that can help herself, everyone and the environment.

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