Parent Organization Ferragamo Group

Salvatore Ferragamo, established in 1927, is the parent organization of the Ferragamo Group., one of the real players in the extravagance merchandise industry, which spotlights on the creation, assembling and closeout of footwear, calfskin products, garments, silk items, different extras and aromas for people, all Made in Italy. The item range is finished by eyewear and watches, fabricated under permit by outsiders in Italy and abroad, so as to utilize nearby abilities. Salvatore Ferragamo has an international clientele, since the company is accessible in most countries.

Buyers live more often in large centres than in remote areas, which leads them to be frequent travellers.

If we take the example of Salvatore Ferragamo in the United States, stores are present in major cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. More specifically in the Montreal area, the neighbourhoods adjacent to this niche clientele are Westmount, Outremont, Hampstead, L’Iles-des-Soeurs and Brossard. Louis Vuitton’s customers target above all the durability of the article, they pay more attention to its quality than to its price.

It goes without saying that her job allows her to provide for her needs and her desires for luxury. Bringing together classic buyers, this clientele likes to invest in pieces of safe value, thus demonstrating their assets through luxury brands.

With a long-term strategic purchasing conscience, this educated clientele, with post-secondary education, is generally between 25 and 60 years of age, female or male, from a high social class. With no defined religion or precise marital status, consumers can be married, in a couple or single but all have a priority, a remarkable shopping experience thanks to the personalization of high-end products.

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The retailer’s personality is defined by his communication tools since it matches the consumer’s personality. The vast majority of Louis Vuitton consumers have good self-esteem, have many positive feelings about themselves and value themselves. On the other hand, there is a gap between the current self and the ideal self of the consumer.

Indeed, the consumer’s ideal self wants to be included in the social elite to not only increase their perception of themselves, but also that of others. By the same token, the consumer wants to be automatically associated with a luxurious, sophisticated, prestigious image and feel superior. The brand uses the will of its consumers to achieve their ideal self image through its communications tools, which reflect the personality that Louis Vuitton has established. The communication media display several celebrities who promote the brand’s products, representing their exclusive and luxurious image, thus joining the consumer’s personality since they identify with and envy this lifestyle. Clothing collections are not available for online purchase, only accessories such as bags, jewellery, scarves, fragrances, sunglasses, belts, shoes, and other everyday accessories are available.

This type of strategy is perceived by the consumer, automatically making the link that this brand is exclusively distributed and that it thus has the sophisticated personality trait. This is why the semiology of the Louis Vuitton brand is important, as their consumers express their personality through the company’s symbolic representation of the products they buy. Louis Vuitton reaches the consumer’s personality through its fields of interest and values as well as through the research of consumer experiences. As a result, since each consumer has a different personality.

The French brand asserts its identity by using a common visual, for example, emphasizing specialized quality packaging when shopping online. Wanting to reach as many personalities as possible, the brand adapts to different needs while keeping its personality. Indeed, with their communication tools bringing together social networks, Louis Vuitton will reach the personality of the artistic consumer, the one who wants to regain the atmosphere and the experience associated with the products while other communication tools will reach the sophisticated, delicate and romantic consumer.

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