Combat: A Networking Effect & PEST Analysis

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User’s reviews are what attracts people to enter Combat, creating a networking effect PEST Analysis Political Economical ; Certain countries, like China, have rigid laws about forbidding foreign websites to be accessed in the mainland ; Crisis – people want to be more aware of their pending and prefer to browse first (check for price ranges) ; Crisis hit the restaurant sector hard, restaurants need to make the most of any marketing tool available Social Technological ; Tendency to want to be “in”, people want to know which are the most trendy places ; Increased number of people with smartness and access to APS (85 billion APS downloaded from July 2008 to October 2014 in the Apple store, source:Satanist) ; People are becoming more and more trustworthy of the reviews of “real users” Market Trends Today Educated consumer Businesses’ traditional marketing tools aren’t enough

Consumer cares about: other people’s opinion Market trends – some data 88% read reviews to determine the quality off local business 39% read reviews on a regular basis Restaurants and cafes are the businesses that most search more for reviews (source: Bright Local) 72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations Competitors worldwide Among hotels, rentals and flights, Transistor also has a restaurant browser with reviews and ratings Google Maps now also features restaurant search aggregating information and ratings associated with the acquired website GATE Yelp is a business search engine (restaurants represents 42% of the content) that has a social network component to it Foursquare works as a city guide providing personalized recommendations to the users An online city guide that provides information about businesses in several categories, restaurants being one of them Competitors in Portugal The site features the most comprehensive database of Portuguese tourism resources, not forgetting restaurants (description, pictures, price ranges, etc.

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) Best tables is a platform Of dinning reservations with a lot information about restaurants Lisbon is a comprehensive guide/showcase of the best of the city of Lisbon, including bars and restaurants Differential Analysis Competitors Transistor Regional availability (no of countries) Number of unique monthly views Languages Number Of App – number of platforms 45 MUM 30 MUM 4 MUM 28 8 15 MUM MUM :erasure MUM 12 MUM 3 Cityscapes 1 (USA) MM 2 20 MUM 6 62.

M Google Maps Yelp Combat Porter 5 Forces Threat of new entrants Bargaining power of suppliers Competition and rivalry Threat of substitutes nonusers High threat of new entrants: new entrants 1. No legal barriers 2. Low sunk costs 3. Low cost of advertisement on the internet promote their business Low bargaining power of suppliers: – easy for new entrants to 1 . Restaurants aren’t able to negotiate with Combat over what information is shown on their page. High bargaining power of consumers: 1 . Low switching costs 2. The existence of Combat depends on the reviews and ratings of the users, the consumers help “build” the service provided High threat of substitutes: 1 . Substantial amount of companies who do basically the same thing as 2.

Switching costs aren’t high, consumers can get information from other sites or even magazines and city guides 3. With the development of technology, it is very easy for anyone to create a website of online reviews High competition ; Many competitors with good brand awareness offering generally the same service; ; On-line reviews’ websites are pretty easy to create ; Switching costs are generally low Opportunity: The specialization of Combat in the restaurants’ sector can make people who are looking for a place to eat/drink more trustful of Samos’s data and information comparing with its competitors. This happens because Samos’s team concentrates its energy in providing the best possible service of that one (and only) segment.

Samos’s positioning inside porter 5 forces ; Combat should add some special features to the platform to create more switching costs ; Combat should broader the geographical presence but always taking in mind the quality of the information provided ; The fact that Combat has price ranges and scanned menus is a good differentiator factor which makes them stand out from other competitors Combat inside web 2. 0 ; Web 2. 0 designates World Wide Web sites that emphasize exaggerated intent, which is the case of Combat. ; Combat is only possible because of user generated content, since it is based on the reviews Of its users. ; The platform also allows users to create their own food diaries and share their experiences with friends. ; This “relationship” that users have with Combat makes them more loyal to the platform, which ends up being a switching cost.

Value creation – McFarland Matrix Strategic -> Agreements with some restaurants to operational the home-delivery meals (food-ordering being the current long-term strategic goal of Combat) Potential -> Partnerships with relevant impasses (they could partner up with Best tables like they did with Bookstall in K) Operational Tracking of the online reviews -> Local teams to “conquer” more restaurants to the listings Us port ->Weekly reports to the listed restaurants about their page visitors/reviews Value chain Support Activities ; Human Resource Management – the website has a list of all the available jobs according to country and position. The website has a blob which contains analysis posted by Mr.. Soya’, sharing current events and strategies of the company, which help Combat sharing their vision to clients and investors. It is also available an inbox and a local telephone number where customers can leave opinions about the service. ; Technology – will assist the company on their operations, strategy and innovation. Customers post their reviews soon after their experience. Assist clients deciding each place better suits their food preferences. Clients are able to find which restaurants are closer to the desired location .

Procurement – Combat has its own team for approaching new restaurants and negotiate their entrance on the website. Sometimes, the opposite happens and are the restaurants that approach the company to negotiate their entrance. Primary Activities ; Inbound logistics – Combat looks for potential restaurants that believe figuring in the website can be beneficial for both. All the information is hold on a virtual data-base. ; Operations -Combat collects information about the restaurants (price range, location, food type, in order to provide clients with the most information possible to figurate on the website. ; Outbound logistics – the collected information is arranged by category to better suit the customers’ needs.

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