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Yuri Nagibin Paper

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Essay on “Yuri Nagibin. Diary”

Yes, but the nature of fear – in this case is clear – it is social in origin. She, in particular, is explained in the history of why Cortes with a handful of adventurers conquered the whole country of the Aztecs: in front of three hundred scattered hundreds of thousands of the army! Aztec society was literally zamardovano terror ANY blood sacrifice (including the smallest children born for this!) Flowed a river. And for us it is one of our most important themes – the theme of silence! “Keep silent – you get into executioners …” (Galich) – will become an accomplice, the accomplice, become an appendage, will cease to exist – be a person. For me, the turning point in awareness of this topic was the poem Nahum Korzhavina “Tanya”, “Why are you silent? Why are you silent then? ……. You mean all said thoughtfully, sadly and honestly looking at the gloomy faces of people leading the inquiry. What – people like people. Why then, through those “in the name of” Penetrating the doubt awakened vague shaft, he looked at you kind, honest eyes Rodney and seemed sad and serious questions to ask. You could not answer him, though, and really wanted to. Phrases become empty, and you become silent, the life of me. It was just a detail – an intimate personal matter – means so much to your life sublime. (It is here post # 8) When selling the most near and dear, and everything merges into everything else, when it is the last frontier: Everything: the possibility of love, thought and feeling, hope, and conscience – all of myself without a trace … And you can to live without you? Beloved and brilliant work in this subject, with the answers to many questions. Brilliant on the breadth of the problems, the depth of its disclosure, accuracy of execution in the verses, “erupt,” as Korzhavin, sense. Fear has many faces and penetrates all the most intimate relationship. And if MA Lifshitz writes in one place () RELATIONSHIP short range, without which it is inconceivable (and a fortiori can not be built), no social ideal, without which nothing happens, not for how organized breech fence, it is the fear – it is main bearings of short-range ordinary people of that era that can literally kill them all very human. By myself I know, unfortunately, that you begin to realize it is too late: the “dead hold of the living”, and therefore “youth – a recompense” (H. Ibsen) (incidentally, Blok poem and a favorite topic).

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The following sample is written by Matthew who studies English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. All the content of this paper is his own research and point of view on Yuri Nagibin and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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