Youngsters Are Not Useless They Are Used Less

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What he is seeing today, will do tomorrow. What he gets today, will return tomorrow to the same society with due interest. It has been rightly said, ” boy peed balboa aka, am Kahn SE hooey”. If we think honestly, do our elders have enough time to devote in guiding young generation in right direction? Am I wrong if I say that they themselves are victims of today’s competitive era? They don’t have time for even themselves. How can we expect them to use the strength of today’s youth for tomorrows nation building?

Essay Example on Youth Are Not Useless But Used Less

In general, youth is a bag full of energy that needs to be channeled and most important; there is a time for this work.

Once that time has gone, once that energy has got its own direction, whether wrong or right, it becomes even more difficult to handle. And then often we hear the usual dialogues that every youth hates is – “Today’s youths are useless”.

Now tell me, “Is youth really useless or he has been actually used less”. You have to think. It has been aptly said that once uttered, you cannot take your words back. So think twice before passing your Judgment.

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Youngsters Are Not Useless They Are Used Less
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