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Youth and the Advancement of Mobile Technology Essay

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In the present situation, cell phones are accessible all over. Beginning from the previous decade, a standout amongst the most noteworthy advancements is the unstoppable enhancement of mobile technology. Indeed, even the poorest nations have found the opportunity to expand their telecom system to the mass of their populaces because of the portable cell advances. With the development of fixed phones in the 19th century to cell telephones, there has been a radical change in the example the individuals communicated and corresponded with one another. With the impact of convenient processing in the hands of everybody and anybody, it is the right time to analyze utilization of cell phones on the youth. This paper gives a review of what is occurring with cell phones also, what is the effect of using cell phones on youth. Why we consider utilizing cell phones may change habitual process of everyday interaction and what will its potential effect be on the youth will be answered.

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Our personal life is exceedingly dependent on the advanced technology that people have developed. The technology has been foremost with years and it has changed the access we buy products, the way that we leave, the way we make communications, the way we spend our leisure time, the way we spend on journey and too many changes have been appeared by the advancement of technology. As people’s demand on technology increased new inventions and development appeared in technology, such: in 1996 the mobile phones of that year and no longer on demand in these years, the demand of today is new mobile phones that are more developed with computer-minded smart phones. As the result, people adopted to be associated with continuous technological advancement. Looking through the history we could see that only big companies could lord the market because they have advantage of an expensive adverting. Medias such as, Television, so the small not well successful mar…

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