Name: Eman Mohamed El sayed Amine GROUP:(A) CHAPTER (1) . OPERATION MANAGEMENT Q3: describe the operation function and the role of operation manager? It involves conversion of inputs into outputs inputs (land ,labor, capital ,information) through transformation process it becomes goods and services with a control process and feed back. And the operation manager is responsible for managing the core, hence and managing the process that create goods and services Q4:list five important differences between goods production and services operations ,then list five important similarities’? Differences – degree of customer contact 2- uniformity of input 3- labor content of jobs 4-uquality assurance 5- amount of inventory Similarities: 1- how they done for example design and operation decisions 2- the size factory needed 3- location decision 4-work schedules 5- allocation of scarce resources Q8:why is the degree of customization an important consideration in process planning? Because providing highly customized products or services such as home remodeling, plastic surgery and legal counseling tend to be more labor intensive than providing standardized products such as those you would buy ff the shelf at a mall store or super market or standardized services such as public utilities and internal services ,further more ,production of customized products or provision of customized services is generally more time consuming ,require more highly skilled people ,and involves more flexible equipment than what is needed for standardized products or services, customize tend to have lower outputs at higher prices the degree of customization is important for process selection and job requirements’ .

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he impact goes beyond operations and supply chain .

it affects marketing ,sales ,accounting. finance and operation system Q15: explain the term value added? The difference between cost of input and the price or value of output.

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