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Join The Year-Up Program – Essay Sample Paper

I can say the reason I want to join the year-up program is that I am young and very devoted to learning new things. Also, I have reached that point in my life when I realize that I have to be more independent, responsible, and mature. I have to make my own smart decisions to determine how successful I’ll be in life. The reason I think I am a good candidate for this year-up program is that I’m used to the two terms hard work and determination. The reason I say this is because I started this school on the Southside of Chicago Christian Fenger High School. As I began to go there I realized that high school, in particular, wasn’t pushing me to my full potential. I needed something that would push me to my highest limit.

My road to the year-up program

So I started to look around for better schools in the area. That is when I ran across DeVry Advantage Academy High School. It’s a program that gave me the opportunity to graduate with my college degree in Network Systems Administration when I graduate from high school. And Boy did I pick a school, DeVry pushed me to limits that I never thought I had. Coming from a different background I was very quiet and antisocial my junior year at DeVry because I didn’t know how to talk to other races of people, It was a big step and a big change for me. But as I started to go to the program I started to warm up to the idea and the people that I was going to school with on a daily basis was pretty cool. I have learned a lot about different culture and ethnicity. At DeVry, I can’t say that I have made friends I have made the family. There are many words that I could give you to describe me but there is one word in particular that I could say that stands out from the rest, and that word is dedication.

My motivation to the year-up program

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When I start something I stick with it to the end, no matter how many people doubt or look down on me I will always stay strong until the end. I have overcome so much in my life to just give up now; when I was 15 years old I lost my mother to cancer. This left me emotionally scared because I was very close to my mother ( Best Friend) and the thought of never seeing her again just killed me inside. As time passed I stopped really caring about a lot of things, such as school and even my own safety. I started to get into a lot of fights and really didn’t care much for school work. I cut myself from friends and family and just stayed to myself. Until one day I heard my father in his room crying it was kind of a shock to hear him that way because I never heard him cry before.

Then I realized that I wasn’t the only person that lost someone special. My father was left with 4 children to take care of all by him, I had to realize that he didn’t have help anymore that he had to be the mother and father of the house and the things I was doing was just adding on to the stress from my mother passing away. So then I asked myself the most life-changing questions that I have ever asked myself what would my mother want?, what do I really want out of life?

This caused me to go to school do all my work and even start communicating with my family and friends again. Then I realized that I really enjoy learning new things and advancing intellectually. I can say that my worst fear is being a failure Being a grown man wishing I finished high school or college, stressed out trying to figure how I’m about to pay my rent for next month and not being able to provide and help my family when they really need it. Both sister and my brother and even my father have recently had children.

This has made life a little more stressful and hard. My brother and sisters have dropped out of college and started work at minimum wage jobs to provide for their children. I sometimes wish I could show them that their lives don’t have to stop here. And show my father that he is not alone and show him that I can be that man that he and mother raised me to be.

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