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7 Effective Tips To Write A Short Essay Paper

Writing a short essay is one of the most common tasks given in the university. It can help the teacher evaluate the level of knowledge in certain subjects. This homework won’t take lots of time because the paper should be short. However, the less attention you pay to the length, the more focus you need to put on the content. In this article, you can find out 7 main steps in preparing a short essay. Follow the instructions, bear in mind key tips, and start writing.

how to write a short essay

Tip 1. Choose a Topic for Your Short Essay

What you are going to write about determines the whole process. Topic selection functions like the rule of sand palaces. If your basis consists of water, the entire castle won’t stand properly. That is why you need to make your “groundwork” strong.

Your topic is the core of a short essay. It determines the message, examples, structure. Everything depends on the theme. Don’t underestimate the step of topic selection. Read the essay prompt and analyze possible topics. It is the most important part because your subject of investigation should be interesting for you and your target audience.

Tip 2. Focus on the Purpose of Your Paper

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Each article has a specific aim. It depends on the reason why you are writing the paper. For instance, it can refer to grants and internship. All those features determine the content of your composition. Figure out your essay purpose, and read the specific requirements:

  1. University/college task. It should refer to the subject or course of your studying.
  2. Scholarship grants and competitions. This paper should focus on the main reasons why you are the best candidate.
  3. Admission Essay. It should be motivating regarding your desire and readiness to enter the specific higher educational institution.

Underline keywords of the prompt

The task description consists of several sentences. Underline the keywords such as nouns, verbs. You can write their synonyms above each keyword. This will help you accumulate the necessary vocabulary.

Jet down reader’s expectations

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. What are you going to find out after reading the text? Make notes of the main expectations. While writing the paper, return to these records. Check if your composition meets the expectations.

Tip 3. Grasp Inspiration and Make Notes

Before starting a short paper, devote some time to research. Learn what other people are telling about the topic of your discussion. Don’t forget to write down the sources for further usage. Research shouldn’t consist of scientific books solely. Use modern types of sharing information to get inspiration. Open YouTube, read blogs, watch vlogs on the required theme. You may not use this information as a relevant source. However, it can be a great boost that will help you begin the paper.

Tip 4. Visualize Your Ideas in the Structure

Writing is not only about inspiration. If novelists are writing books and changing the plot simultaneously, academic writing can’t stand incertitude. It means that you should plan everything in advance. Synchronize all the notes, ideas in the clear outline. This makes up a skeleton of your work. Without it, you risk deviating from the main idea.


The introduction should be short but catching. It consists of 3-5 sentences, but it determines whether you’ve managed to attract the reader’s attention. Begin with a hook sentence that is relevant to the further discussion. Continue developing the topic. Then, lead your readers to your thesis and main message. Everyone should understand your main argument and idea from your thesis statement.

Main Body

The main body of a short essay consists of approximately three paragraphs. Here you need to include the clear explanation of your tentative objective. Structure the paragraphs well to make them thought-over.

Topic Sentence

Each section should begin with the topic phrase. It is like the thesis statement but related only to one paragraph. The topic sentences should prove the overall idea of a short essay.


When developing the idea, narrow down the thesis to obvious examples. Each instance should examine and show the topic of your investigation from the same aspect. If you use the example of your experience, make sure they are not too subjective. In academic writing, it is more efficient to mention world-known events, situations, famous quotes, and along those lines.


When summing up the whole work, go back to your introduction. The ending of the paper should enumerate your main points of the entire essay. Your conclusion should be as short as the introduction. Try to make the last sentences inspiring and motivating for readers.

Tip 5. Revise and Reread

When the essay is ready, don’t hurry to submit it. Although the hardest part is over, the most meticulous one is waiting for you. Editing and proofreading are not usually exciting for students. However, a short essay with lots of grammatical mistakes may spoil your previous efforts. You can use online services for revision. Just make sure that your paper doesn’t include mistakes that interfere reader’s understanding of the text.

Tip 6. Be Critical to Your Essay

As soon as you have corrected all the mistakes, put your paper aside. If the deadline is not tomorrow, you can relax a bit from that hard work. And here is the reason why. Spend a day without reading your essay and then take it again. It is how you may find new mistakes in stylistics. Some experts even recommend reading the text aloud like an actor. Try this method, and you’ll see the weakest sides of your paper. And you have time to change them to the stronger aspect.

Tip 7. Gather Feedbacks

You will have to write more and more short essays throughout your whole life. Even when you graduate, there will be occasions when you have to demonstrate your writing skills. When you have enough spare time at university, focus on improving those skills.

Ask your teacher or friend for feedback from reading your article. It is the easiest way to spot your weaknesses. Another recommendation is practicing. When you write more, you understand all the ins and outs of the writing process. Just concentrate on hard work and your successful short essay will be in your hands.

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