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Writing Poetry-Assignment One Paper





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Writing Poetry-Assignment One


1 bowl camping on the lakeside

2 tents

2 slices of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

1 glass of fresh fruit juice

1 cup dried peanuts

2 cups hidden treasure

-cup dry firewood

2/3 tsp fishing

1 boat

I plate hide and seek

I bucket laughter


2 cups wild berries


For the appetizer, enjoy the 2 cups of wild berries,

Swallow with a gulp of the fresh juice then prepare the main meal

Put the tents in a dry bowl and add in the boat

Put in the fishing and half a bucket of laughter

Light the fire and place the mixture on a grill

Turn the mixture over until golden brown

Remove from grill and serve in a tray of happiness

Enjoy the meal with ? a bucket of laughter

Add in the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

For the dessert

Sift through hide and seek, and mix together with the dry peanuts

Blend in the hidden treasure until they are thoroughly mixed

Put in a bowl full of joy and

Enjoy the mixture

Have a good night sleep as the sounds of nature sing a lullaby

There you have it-camping on the lakeside

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