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Writing 1

The literature was influential in terms of my view of the American history. The literature is a highlight of the historical American society. The writer is able to provide an elaborate view of the American history in terms of the input of the society towards the development of the modern society. The author provides the belief in a hard day’s work when the American community was developed and engineered by manual labor before the advent of technology or the industrial revolution. He highlights important elements, which were drivers of the revolutions in agriculture and in transition to an industrial society. The author provides that the American society is deeply founded in manual labor which was the main factor that led to developments in agriculture and industries. The writing indeed contains insight in the industrial history of the American society.

Writing two

The painting could be termed instrumental as it highlights an artist who is able to portray his emotions to the public. The Railway was fascinating because of the artist’s ability to relate the artwork to theme s of history of the American society. He highlights the railway as one of the most important drivers of the agrarian revolution and the industrial revolution. He indicates the importance of the railway to the American people. Another significant painting was The Velocipede. This painting is significant in the art world in that it is symbolizes the transition of the American society into an industrial society from the historical American society. This is because the society moved from the use of manual labour to a society entirely dependent of the presence of machinery for production. The artist uses the painting to express his emotions discreetly to his audience.

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