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Message Conveyance in Audio Visual and Written Means

Have you ever noticed a slight change in the weather during winter, and that it is not cold as it used to be? The main reason attributed to the phenomenon is that, unlike the past few years, we are now living under the effect of global warming. Global warming is a state whereby the earth’s temperature rises to dangerous levels that pose a negative effect on the inhabitants’ wellbeing. This occurs when greenhouse gases (methane and carbon dioxide) rise to large levels, trapping heat from the sun and in the atmosphere, thereby increasing the global temperature. An increase in the global temperature causes sea levels to rise, changing the pattern and amount of rainfall, and increases subtropical desert expansion. On the extreme, global warming is likely to cause severe droughts, heat waves and heavy precipitation. Consequently, human and animal adaptation limits to these kinds of stimuli will be greatly exceeded, and the likelihood of survival is going to be minimal. Many people have come out in numerous ways to show that they are fully aware of the seriousness of global warming and a video on You Tube “Stop Global Warming” is among them. This documentary video highlights on the challenges animals have to go through because of the detrimental effects of global warming, and they end up subsiding because these animals do not have the capability to survive in these terrible conditions. An academic article “Global Warming” written by John Houghton, also points out that global warming is an epidemic that is harming nature, and people are accelerating through the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation, which are the main reasons accelerating global warming. Grasping the message of the issue in question, however, will largely depend on the means of conveyance, be it through video or an article.

You Tube is an online webpage where people can share videos about a wild variety of subjects from entertaining to scientific issues, and mostly it contains informal and simple words. In a different means, people are endeavoring to solicit for global warming awareness by writing academic articles, which highlight on the causes, detrimental effects, and solutions to global warming. Word choice and organization are features that differ from the two genres. The You Tube video website contains simple words and incomplete sentences because the purpose is to make people aware of global warming despite their age, and the material is organized in a serious of pictures that create the motion video with one sentence at the end. The main purpose of the video is to provide information and entertain people at the same time. On the other hand, the academic article is written in formal, complex and complete sentences because the audiences in this case are educated people who care about global warming and for scientists as well, and the information is organized in a structured manner. The main purpose of these academic articles is to provide information on global warming on all fronts.

Academic articles should always be formal, something that is not necessary in videos because it has a view for entertaining as well. Take for example this sample excerpt from an article, “Because of its negative impacts on human communities (including for instance substantial sea-level rise) and on ecosystems, global warming is the most important environmental problem the world faces.” The previous sentence is complete and uses formal words such as negative instead of bad, and presents a complete thought and idea because it is telling that human false habits are creating the most threatening problem that the environment could ever face. On the other hand, there are only two sentences in the video, “If you give up, they give up” and “stop global warming”. The two sentences from the video are incomplete because there is no complete thought and many people might be confused by the meaning behind it, and their perception of the statement “they give up”. In real sense, this statement should explain more on its topic, but this how videos works the pictures talks and give thousand meanings and ideas to the audience. Therefore, the simple and incomplete sentences will make sense and will achieve their goal when one watches the content of the video. The sentence is incomplete as well as informal because the purpose is to ask random people walking in the street, and the person will opt to use simple words so people could understand clearly. In brief, word choice and sentence structure is reliant on the purpose of message presenting and the type of the audience in question.

In order to deliver the idea to the audience the information must be organized in a particular manner, with regard to the type of the genre. In addition it can be determined that You Tube videos are more creative and free compared to academic articles which are presented in a paragraphs form that follows a certain rules like an introduction, body and conclusion that limits creativity. In academic articles, all the material and the information are organized in a form of paragraph. Paragraphs start with a main point; for example in the article, the writer starts with a brief introduction about a topic such as global warming to give the reader a general idea about the main topic. Additionally, providing examples to clarify ideas, as the writer states, “Many of the likely characteristics of the resulting changes in climate (such as more frequent heat waves, increases in rainfall, increase in frequency and intensity of many extreme climate events) can be identified.” This sentence is helping the reader to have a better understanding of the idea, which is fundamental in this type of genre because the purpose is to provide information to the reader. After the introduction part, the writer ushers in an explanation part and may use appropriate examples to support the main idea of the article. These examples include real life facts on the issue, and may talk about the gradual but constant retreat of the polar icecaps in the global poles.

On the other hand, all the information in the video is explained mainly through pictures because this genre involves sharing ideas through visuals. Take for example a scene in a video where a disparate polar bear decides to commit suicide because its habitat is falling apart because of the detrimental effects of global warming. This scene presents an argument on global warming better than thousand-word article. A real life situation or experience will have a greater impact on the intended audience compared to an argument on basic facts. This is because an audience will have the tendency of putting themselves in the center of that particular situation. Moreover, the video goes on to cover the whole idea supported by simple and incomplete sentences such as “If you give up, they give up” just to offer an advice to the audience and to conclude the video. These final words act as a climax of the entire scene. The way of organization plays a major role in the effectiveness of presenting information, and each genre, be it an article or You Tube video, both have a different way of organization. However, their similarity manifests itself in the issue they are discussing.

In conclusion, by comparing the two genres about global warming, You Tube videos and academic articles, I found out that each genre possesses a different structure. The main difference revolves around word choice and the way of organizing the ideas and the information; however, they both discuss the same issue, which is global warming. Nevertheless, the good thing about having a variety of genres talking about the same issue or topic is that the audience will have a sovereign opportunity to choose the most appropriate option which they can easily understand, and grasp the main idea according to the learning style or their level of education. Therefore, dependent on an individuals taste and preference, one should have an appropriate source of information between a documentary video and a written article.

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