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How To Write A Synthesis Essay Paper

Nowadays, it is a complicated phenomenon to find the students who are big fans of essay writing. This process is a type of disaster as we have to spend much time and do global research. Do not hurry up with a conclusion as we intend to break this stereotype. We can name different types of academic and non-academic writing, but we want to focus your attention on the specificity of synthesis essay for college and high school. Do you know how to write a synthesis essay?

The most common definition says that this academic writing requires collecting information from different sources, including precis, and supporting the logically-built content. The student has to pick the topic and research its various aspects. As a writer, you have to use different sources such as books and periodical press to make the paper diverse. This essay aims to submit well-combined content that describes the subject. Scroll down and learn some ideas and information about how to write a synthesis essay. Do not worry if you haven’t realized similarities and differences; we offer you to get acquainted with information that could help create the synthesis essay of the best quality.

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how to write a synthesis essay

Brainstorm your topic in order to know how to write an effective synthesis essay

The choice related to the main issue and problem for the writing is difficult and controversial; the main reason for it is that you have to make a wise choice and pick the topic that is debatable, up to date, and interesting.

1. Understand the main idea of the synthesis essay

Your primary task of the essay is to combine the data and present it coherently. You have to build the strong connection between the parts of the text. That is why when you choose the topic you need to imagine the following structure of the essay and conclude whether such theme allows to apply it in practice. The essay building should be transparent for you.

2. Make a right choice

There are two ways out of this problem. First, if you have the list of possible variants and you can pick one from the recommended topics; second-when you are the master of this choice. In that case, you have to follow one rule: select the item that is clear and interesting for you. It is much more fascinating to investigate the issue that appeals to you. What do you want to choose?

3. Examine your sources

Go to library or use network to find the credible and up to date sources. We highly recommend to consult with your teacher as he/she can give you the right destination for your research. You have to make such reference list that comprises different literature and suits the type of your essay. It is a big mistake to choose the topic randomly.

4. Make up winning thesis sentence

As a rule, your thesis statement conveys the main idea of the paper and your thought. You will have the opportunity to write it at the beginning of the introduction or make it as the closing sentence. It is an important component of the piece as it serves as a logical step to the main body. That is why try to make it effective and completed. Use your ideas correct.

5. Re-read the sources

After you have picked the topic and sources, we highly recommend you to re-read them. It allows you to note the ideas, quotations, statements, and statistics that will improve the content and make it more interesting. Such strategy will inspire you to some new thoughts how to write the synthesis essay.

Make the “frame” of your synthesis essay

1. What is the outline?

That is a crucial and essential thing for the essay as it makes the structure transparent for you. It means that you make a list of possible arguments and evidence that you may present in your work. You can write your plan or keep it in mind. It is not a mystery that written information is far more than understandable.

2.  Be creative and constituent

Try to write the topic sentence and thesis in an extraordinary way. You might use different techniques to attract the target audience. One of the most popular is Straw man – you write the argument and state your counter-argument for language and composition. Perhaps, it sounds convoluted, but we recommend you to learn more about it.

3. Correlation between outline and essay background

Your outline should meet the topic and tasks of the main paper background. Hope you know that it is a type of professional thing to write the essay summary that briefly illustrates your view, main essence of the writing, and its problem.

The core that will make your synthesis essay perfect

1. Structure

It is a high time to speak about the structure of your synthesis essay. In connection with the fact that this type of work is not exceptional, it consists of three parts.

Introduction. It is the first part that has to be informative and attractive. It should comprise the hook that grabs reader attention. Here you can paste an exciting quotation or saying that conveys unique thoughts. Be sure that such hidden context will invoke readers to plunge into the content of your paper. Do not make this part wordage as it can discourage audience to read.

Main body. It is the central part that contains all statements and evidence. You can divide it into several paragraphs as it will help readers find necessary facts quickly. We highly recommend you to place in the body some examples that will prove your reader that the text is credible. According to the standard rules, your main body should describe the problem of the essay, your position, and information about the methods that you have used. Here you can develop your structure.

Conclusion. It is a type of forbidden thing to underestimate the role of the final part of essay. It is the logical ending that restates the thesis and highlights that all goals of the research are reached. You have to build the conclusion in such way that allows readers to recollect the thing that they have read in the previous parts. Here you have to choose your position. Be ready to spend much time and effort to make the qualitative ending.

2. First draft

Do not postpone and write the first draft according to your outline. It will help you not to miss the important facts and include all necessary evidence. Do not forget about the mission of three components: to attract; to inform; to summarize. Here you can include your main points of view. Your essay should make good impression. While using your draft, you can come to wise ideas.

3. Use the third person

All academic papers require the third person, “he, she, it.” It is a type of forbidden thing to use “I” or “my” as it gives paper too personal hidden context. You have to write in active voice and avoid passive as it can make your target audience convoluted. There are cases when it is impossible to skip the passive voice, so, write it but do not misuse.

4. Make the paragraphs

It is a good tone to use paragraphs as they make the structure more coherent and logical. You should separate the thoughts and arguments to highlight them. Obviously, if the essay is wordage you have to make transitions that help readers understand each idea.

Make an effective final touch

1. Revise your masterpiece

Most students are exhausted with long writing process and don’t revise the paper. Believe that it is the biggest mistake as you can submit the paper with mistakes and even an effective content will not be important. That is why arm yourself with patience and read the paper to fix errors. Be confident that your paper doesn’t include misspellings, grammar, punctuation, and lexical mistakes as it can dent your reputation.

The simplest way is to use different tools and services that can polish the text instead of you.

On the other hand, you can ask someone to read your creation. Be sure that the person who is not interested in your result will give you true feedback. That is why do not hesitate and submit the perfect text.

2. Cite everything

When you have the completed set of the sources, you have to include it in your paper. It is the most crucial stage as it proves your credibility. Some students don’t know how to write a synthesis essay and meet difficulties while citing as each style has different requirements. For synthesis essay, it is enough to use your sources for footnotes and bibliography of your material.

Speaking about in-text citation, you have to remember that they are crucial when you use the quotations or sayings that support your idea directly in text. Such thing will improve the quality of the paper. Your sources support the material you have used. It proves that you are the original writer of the piece.

Fortunately, you can use tools that can cite each your source instead of you. Your task is to paste the title and author name. Try to complete this mission successfully.

3. Title your essay

The question concerning the headings is rather controversial. Some scholars are sure that a student should title the paper beforehand; other confirm that first of all we have to write the main content and only after that write the title. We cannot say which assumption is reasonable because everything depends on the writer. There are moments when the effective title appears in the head immediately, so note everything as it can be suitable for your future paper.

In any case, the title should be short and convey the main idea of the paper. We invoke you to use simple statement or expression. The target audience will ignore ambiguous meaning. That is why use the analytical thinking and make the “loud” title.

Now you have all the material about synthesis essay. We believe that your assignment will impress everybody. Hope you have understood how to write a synthesis essay.



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