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How To Write A Response Essay Paper

The key thing you need to do before creating your composition is to know how to write response essay. You also need to read the text carefully. It’s not enough just to look through, you have to get the main idea of the article or book you’ve read. Be confident that you understand the article properly, state the questions before reading; these are the example of questions you are supposed to answer:

  1. What is the main problem that the author wanted to raise? What is his opinion concerning this problem?
  2. Are there any suppositions the author wanted to state? Which evidence does he give to prove his opinion?
  3. Which of the giving arguments are strong? And weak?
  4. What can be possible counterarguments? What makes its opinion important?

Try to take notes while reading the first time, to draft your opinions. If you highlight the words in the article, you only make a hint of your thought. It is possible that you’ll forget your ideas a few minutes later. Make an effort to note down all aspects of the plan that you want to prove; it will make the process easier and faster.

Think in what way this article appeals particularly to you; what impressions the text gave you; do you agree or disagree with the author? Do you sympathize with his view; how does this problem or theme appeal to you? Probably, you won’t be able to cover the whole spectrum of problems raised in the article; try to choose the one space of focus and stick to it throughout the essay. Be consecutive in your writing and go forward from one step to the next. Don’t take too much spare time. Start writing directly after you have read the paper; you need to generate all your fresh ideas before they run away from your mind. Start your work until you forget the information about the article; let’s clear up how to write response essay.

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how to write Response Essay

How to structure your response essay and what to write in each part?

As you might already know, each kind of the essay has a similar structure including the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. The response essay isn’t an exception.  However, there are several special features in structuring body paragraphs. You can write them in two different ways, and we will show you below what to include in each of them.

Start your response paper with the introduction

This part of your essay is very important, as you state here the main ideas and topics which you discussed in the work you have read. Show the reader your reaction to the themes created and the whole article you’ve read. Give your opinion concerning the topic and focus attention at the discussion. By finishing this part, present your thesis that the reader will discuss with you in the body paragraphs.

You should write an introduction in the correspondence to your whole paper. If you are supposed to create the composition on five paragraphs, the introduction should be present in one of them. However, if you are writing the paper on five or more pages, you should widen your introduction into several paragraphs; as we mentioned above, you can write the main body of your essay in two ways. The way the paper is written depends on your preferences and doesn’t influence the quality of your essay.

The first method provides a short summarizing of what have you read

Keep in mind that the main focus of your response paper isn’t the summary; you shouldn’t omit it at all, but you have to place your summary in the less than half part of your body paragraphs. Try to describe the subject in an analytical tone, not only give the retelling. If it’s possible, place the author’s arguments that have influenced your responding ideas; in the next step, you are supposed to state your arguments. Here you should present your reaction to the work you are giving a response. Pick up several topics and explain where you agree or disagree with the author and why. There is no any definite number of paragraphs, you can write as many as you need to prove your opinions completely and comprehensively. This way is appropriate when you choose the one deep theme and divide it into the several subtopics. If you are writing about different ideas, we recommend you to choose the second method. Learn more how to write response essay.

Another way of making it correctly

The other way of writing the body paragraphs expects from you summarizing one point and giving agreement or disagreement concerning the idea. Each body paragraph should relate to the one opinion, and you can create as many of them as you need. This is very convenient method when you are responding to different disconnected themes. Make sure that the summary doesn’t take all your paragraphs, and the most content includes your arguments and reactions according to this. For writing the response paper in this way, you should choose at least three ideas to discuss.

Uphold your thoughts with evidence

Fill each body paragraphs with at least two examples from the text; you can describe the occasion or place a quotation from the text. Try to use short and clear quotations that will help your reader understand your view. Finish your essay with a concluding paragraph; in this part restate your opinions and shortly hold them up. There is no need to write a long conclusion, only one paragraph will be enough. You don’t give her any additional information; let the reader remind your thesis and show how you proved them in the paper.

Rereading and polishing

The last but not least step of your writing is editing. Take time to reread your paper again and again to improve everything that you could omit while writing; let your essay be perfect, and you will be proud of your job. Do you still hesitate how to write response essay?


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