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How To Write A Good Precis Paper

Nowadays, precis is a common thing in the educational sphere. Students are required to write such work as it shows their level of the understanding and creativity. In other words, the rhetorical précis is a summary of the original piece that should comprise the main point and problem. An author should be aware of the primary source and submit the information that conveys its plot. Another key thing to know is that you have to follow the rigid to complete this mission successfully. How to write a precis?

Pay attention to the information below as we dedicated it to the main points and steps of the precis you have to write. Moreover, you can develop your skills and broaden erudition as we have collected up to date and credible facts. Hope you will enjoy.

how to write a precis

How to write a precis? Let’s start with the structure and specificity of this task

Present the original work

  1. Dedicate the first sentence and paragraph to the introduction of the author and title of the work. Also, you have to include the genre and publication date. Such thing will prove readers that they have free access to the original text. Moreover, it will help them get acquaintance with it.
  2. To make the beginning more interesting, we highly recommend you to include some facts about the author and his/her contribution to the development of literature. Do not write the wordage and boring biography as it will annoy the readers. It is better to include some interesting information that will attract the target audience.
  3. You have to use the verbs that illustrate the author position or action, for instance, “assert,” “argue,” “prove,” “disprove,” and “explains the main idea.”
  4. Despite the fact that the original work may not contain the thesis and topic sentence, your task is to read the source carefully and do the thesis about the basic author’s claim and point.

Describe the way author supports the thesis

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As a rule, the second or third sentence should illustrate how the author develops the thesis. It is an essential thing as such information helps readers compare your and author position.

  1. We highly recommend you to focus attention on the main methods that the author used rather than the direct details.
  2. Your task is to convey the main concept of the author’s position in the main content. That is a kind of forbidden thing to restate his/her assumptions. Common knowledge is that audience can read the source by themselves and get acquainted with the author’s position. That is why do not duplicate the information. Try to be creative and present new interpretation of the known material. Be sure that it is far more interesting to read the personal opinion of the writer rather than the borrowed author’s thoughts. This is the smallest part of how to write a precis.

Present the aim of the writing

  1. The third sentence should convey the primary purpose of the original writing. The main reason for it is that the reader has to be aware of the role and practical implementation of the work.
  2. When you write the précis, your purpose should differ from the thesis as you have to show the author’s motive of the piece. The target audience will also compare whether your aim coincides the original.
  3. Use the phrase “in order to” as it will hint reader which sentence is devoted to the purpose. It will make the precis structure clear and precise.

Identify the intended audience

  1. The fourth and last sentence aims to show the audience and reveal the author’s relationship.
  2. As a rule, the original paper doesn’t include the data of the intended audience. It is your essential task as you have to research and conclude how the author chooses readers. It is easy to identify with the help of language, references, and structure. Use your analytical thinking and make a wise choice.

The core of good precis writing

Now it is a high time to speak about some steps that will show how to write a precis. Let’s get started and find out some precis essay example.

Arm yourself with patience

You have to read the original work one more time and realize whether each key idea is understandable for you. If it is crucial make some notes to be aware of each important point of the piece. There are moments that after re-reading the inspiration comes and writer has new ideas.

  1. Scan the paper with eyes without reading and try to divide it into several sections, for instance, heading, subheadings, and the main portion of information.
  2. Clear up the unknown terms and phrases with the help of the article and encyclopedia. Such method will improve your knowledge and allow to broaden the erudition.
  3. After scanning, read the work one more time and decide which of sections you will use in your writing. Highlight the key ideas but do not copy them. Try to create an original paper that is why rephrase the crucial statements, do not copy them. Clarify the details before start progress.
  4. Do not be lazy and read the work several times as the information can be unfamiliar to you. There are moments when the students skip this crucial stage and write the facts that don’t coincide the original paper. To avoid such “disaster” read and learn all that is important for writing.
  5. After each time you re-read the paper compare your notes and add some facts that you have missed. At the first glimpse, it seems unreasonable, but we ensure you that it will make your paper professional.

Make a summary of each section

Now you can summarize your notes and single out the necessary information for each section. Do not make it wordage as it is a type of outline.

  1. Each sentence should be logically-built and comprise the supporting evidence and major facts. Do not include minor facts as they can distract your attention. Even if the details are interesting, we invoke you not to submit them.
  2. Try not to return to original paper and summarize the writing using your notes. It will help you avoid plagiarism and make the paper rich in your thoughts. Try to tell your professor about the uniqueness of paper.

Restate the thesis

  1. Rewrite the thesis without changing the main meaning. You have to borrow only the main idea from the author and restate it in your own words.
  2. When you determine the author sentence, reflect the purpose as well. Single out which crucial arguments should be highlighted.
  3. Start writing your precis. Combine the evidence, arguments, and other key information that should restate the thesis. Do not forget about the title and subheadings as they should start each section. Follow the four-sentence structure and submit precise facts. It will make the paper qualitative and well-structured. Do not forget to state the purpose.

Review and proofread

This step is crucial as you have to polish your paper and fix all misspellings, punctuation and grammar mistakes. Pay attention to your content as it should convey the main thought and idea of the writing. It is a forbidden thing to lose the original meaning and aim of the paper. Check your language, voice, and tone. They should be similar to authors. Try to check the language used in the paper.

Additional pieces of advice about how to write a precis

  1. Follow the length requirements. In the most cases, the precis is not wordage piece that consists of 100-200 words. The winning method is to use the four-sentence outline that presents the main information.
  2. In case of longer writing, you should find more evidence and facts to make the paper diverse. You need to re-read an original work and find new facts that are essential for the paper.
  3. Your task is to expand the paragraphs and topic sentence. Do not forget that the longer structure doesn’t mean adding minor facts. It is a type of challenge where you have to brainstorm more paragraphs.

Use the present tense.

  1. Do not make the structure of the paper convoluted. Try to be precise that is why we highly recommend you to use present tense throughout all paragraphs. Moreover, try to avoid passive voice and use active. Of course, there is moment when you describe some scientific research or experiment, and it is impossible to rephrase passive voice; do not worry it is a common case.
  2. All author’s assumptions, positions, and thoughts should be in the present. Do not write “He stated,” it is better to use “He states.” Be sure that you will attract more readers.

Avoid quotation

It may sound funny, but quotations will mess up your paper. It is better to summarize each sentence and even the direct speech. Everybody will agree that target audience appreciates such things.

It is essential to title the work as such thing attracts readers a lot.

Leave your own opinions

You should know the strict requirements of the paper. In our case, it is precis that is why you cannot evaluate the paper and submit your attitude to the author. You are not the original creator that is why your task is just to except the existed information. It is not your duty to deny or support the claims. In connection with the fact that it is a type of summary, your task is to restate the piece without your feedbacks and testimonials.

Hope you understand the main essence of the good précis. The effectiveness and quality of the paper depend on you. Make the best final result. Do you still hesitate how to write a precis?

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