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How To Write A Persuasive Essay Paper

A persuasive essay is a type of paper that helps the writer assure his audience about some idea. The writer takes one defensible position and makes the reader believe him. This is the common task in the school or college classes. You may also need to write a persuasive paper to convince your boss or colleagues to believe in something. In any situation, you should know how to write persuasive essay successfully and sound confident.

how to write Persuasive Essay

Some useful tips for writing your essay persuasively

  1. Do some research; before you intend to persuade the audience, become self-confident in your ideas; surely, you need to do some preparation for writing. Don’t be in a hurry; you should spend enough time to write your essay successfully; research to find all information you need to know.
  2. Study your audience; it is extremely important to decide before writing what readers you are going to appeal to. You aim to convince them, thus you should identify which facts and statements will be persuasive for your audience. It is impossible to assure all the people; you should focus on the specific group. For example, before writing about the utility of high education, decide whether you are appealing to the young people, their parents or even their teachers.
  3. Choose a defensible position; not surprisingly, the topic you’ve chosen may have different sides and questions inside. State only those arguments that you can prove. Your task is to take a strong position and expand only one stated opinion in your essay. Let your readers understand your stance and don’t confuse them by touching contrary views.
  4. Present your thesis statements; as we mentioned above, your audience should realize your point of view concerning the topic. For that reason, you are supposed to state the thesis at the beginning of your essay. It should be written in the understandable language and give the reader a clear picture what you are arguing about.
  5. Share your testimony; think what pieces of evidence created your opinion and presented these proofs to your audience. Generate your ideas and try to show them in the most beneficial way; be accurate and unshakable. Write your paper consecutively, logically and smoothly; you aim to make people think you are specialist that is completely aware of his topic.

Some more hints

  1. Give facts to prove your opinion; do not rely only on your own opinion; your thoughts are interesting for the reader, but giving facts, you make him believe in your irrefutability. Try to be objective and present real facts and events that will help prove your view. Use the reliable sources that will let you choose the appropriate information for your paper. Is it clear how to write the persuasive essay?
  2. Use the persuasion techniques; persuasion is a kind of craft you should learn. There are various useful skills and knacks that will help you become a successful writer. Among them, we can distinguish repetition, when you keep echoing over what you say several times. Use quotations to help the reader think you are not the only person that sticks to stated opinion. Actually, it will sound like appealing ‘don’t stay alone, join us.’ Use rhetorical devices to sound more convincingly.
  3. Use emotional language; psychologists proved, that people are more compliant when someone induces their emotions. They become more complaisant and subconsciously decided to agree. Make them feel sorry for the presenting situation and show how badly it is and how immediately we need to find the solution. Choose the topic that is complicated and interesting for everyone in your audience.
  4. Stimulate your audience to act; make your reader sense that they are obliged to do something to improve the situation. Make them think about the problem even after they’ve read your paper.
  5. Confute the opposite opinions. Operate only with those arguments that are strong enough to stand against the opposite points of view; your evidence should refute the contradicting opinions.

Step by step guide for writing

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How to write the persuasive essay? Like any other type of the composition, the persuasive essay has its definite structure. Build the essay in the following way: the introductory paragraph, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

1 The introduction

The first paragraph of your paper is called the introduction. It should present the main idea to your readers. The primary task of this part is to capture the reader’s attention, for that reason you are supposed to present your opinions neatly and interestingly. Begin your writing with a general idea and smoothly narrow to the specific ones; state your thesis statements at the end of the introduction and place them only in one sentence. Don’t give any wider information; you’ll give it in the body paragraphs; just make the reader interested in your paper.

2 The main body

The body of the essay usually consists of three paragraphs. Each of them goes with a specific subtopic stated in the beginning sentence; body paragraph should broaden the thesis statement presented in the introduction. You state your argument and prove them with evidence; it is extremely important to support the thesis. You must have a testimony for every mentioned opinion or else; you wouldn’t sound effective. Mind your evidence; they should be understandable and reliable. To sound more cogent, create an imaginary opponent who gives you his arguments and reply him with your counterarguments.

Each paragraph should offer some facts and information the reader needs to receive; be careful to put only one idea in the sentence. Fill the last sentence of your paragraphs with the conclusion and smooth transfer to the next one. Try to structure your ideas like a building, decide which of the arguments would be better represented in each part.

3 The conclusion

The conclusion is the part where you summarize your ideas, by restating the thesis and show how your evidence proved your arguments. Be careful not only restate the thesis but present how you proved them; leave the reader making him think about the problem and stimulate him to take some actions.

Finish by editing

Don’t forget to read your persuasive essay once more after having written it. Check your spelling, grammar, and fluency; think carefully whether you achieved your goals in writing. Make certain you sound absolutely persuasive to convince the reader to believe in your opinion. Check if you have enough transition words to connect your ideas. You may ask someone to look through your paper and give his notes, to help you improve the essay.

Now you know how to write the persuasive essay.

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