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How To Write A Personal Essay Paper

How to write a personal essay? I can easily conclude that if you are searching the proper way to create a personal essay, you are going to enter the college or university. They demand such types of written works most of the times. As you are adult, you have to comprehend that personal essay requires from writer total recollection. Let’s make it clear! The easiest way to write a paper is to divide the process into smaller ones. Think about what you are going to write your essay. You may use a one-time event or repeated event, place or person at the same time. While reading the ideas below think at one time about life. Perhaps, by accident, you’ll get own idea from the head. Next ones are usually touchable for readers:

  • A relationship with a key person like a friend or close relative.
  • A passer-by, who did something which had changed your life.
  • An event which wasn’t big but significant.
  • As well as a previous, this tip has a value – write about major and life-changing
  • Something that you repeated doing again and again, without results, and in the end you finally succeeded.
  • Your memories of a place that influenced on who you are today, or has a big meaning for you.

After you completed thinking of the main plot, ask 5-7 people if they were you – would they choose the same topic? If you doubt even after that, just stop – it is your story and experience. After all, your life- your business.

how to write Personal Essay

How to write the personal essay in particular body of the story

Start your writing only after you made a good plan of the personal essay. The structure of your writing is simple: introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction may be not very big but with things which will hook the reader’s attention. Make a frame of your story. Talking about the body of a paper I could mention the next. If you chose a topic “My personal way to succeed” it would be good to include three different stories with conflicts and the way you resolved them. Write down sensory details and memories. As much as you will make a reader laugh or cry, will bring you success. And what’s more, if you don’t feel passionate about your topic, readers will feel it. People understand everything even sitting so far away from you. When you started writing, don’t jump from one detail to another. Tell the story in the order it’s taking place. Talk with a little riddle – using less important events move to more essential ones, to make a great final. In conclusion, you have to end a frame you started in the introduction. Never leave the open final. It isn’t interesting to read.

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And, of course, do everything with a purpose. While writing, pose questions to you like: Is it informative? What will I teach people with my story? Didn’t I overload with information and needless details? Your job is to achieve a certain goal but not to put out dozens of details. Don’t write in detail if you are not confident it will work. By the by, don’t avoid deeper meaning and truth. Be honest and sincere; this will only show the intensity of your inner world.

A few more tips to gain huge results while writing a personal essay!

These are what I think about the components of a great personal essay. Here are some pieces of advice:

  1. Contrast where your personality is and where are things interesting to universal. As I told, this is your story, your emotions but your writing should also worry other people’s hearts. If something touches you, it doesn’t always mean, that it will touch others.
  2. Find your voice. Hard to understand, yeah? Here I mean your style, manner. Moreover, don’t copy someone, be unique. Find extraordinary descriptions of each situation and do It might take time to find the best voice for a personal essay. You may confuse what the type the proper voice should be – anxious, breathless, funny, ironic or playful. But you’ll find it out. Don’t worry but practice.
  3. Experiment and play – this is the best way to find your destination and understand how to write the personal essay. Use different literary devices, such as personification, repetition of some words, lines, and metaphors. Or experiment with using sentences of different lengths. That’s the most definitive way to show a richness of your language.
  4. When you are writing personal essay use the present tense. It would have no hesitation and give the impression of a true story. You may use past tenses as well, but the present one is preferable.
  5. Read, read, read, and read some more. I mean other books, stories, and essays; these will enrich your language, vocabulary, and What all writers have in common, as far as I know, is that they’re always reading. They pay attention to their favorite writer’s style, manner and try them out in their writing. As a result, in the end, you’ll have a ready product with the unity of different writers’ best styles.

Polish the essay!

Everyone needs a check. The last thing you have to do is rereading. If you want to have a result, revise mistakes, errors in grammar and mechanics, and sometimes add some phrases to improve style and clarity. Do you still hesitate how to write the personal essay?

The first thing you should do here is to read the paper out loud. Usually, it helps to hear things which are invisible to tired eyes, which don’t see anymore the pure and simple mistakes. Also, you can leave your ready essay till morning, and with renewed vigor reread the story. Don’t be lazy; revising will only make things stronger.

In case if you’ll notice a lot of misunderstandings, mistakes – don’t despair! Sit and improve them one by one, then remember your mistakes; get higher and higher with each new essay!

Believe that now you gained new knowledge of how to write the personal essay and ready to write it immediately!


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