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How To Write A Deductive Essay Paper

If you have received a task to write a deductive essay, but you have no idea what these words mean, this article will come in handy. Indeed, this type of writing is not that frequently used as, for example, cause-effect, research paper, analytical article, or others. Writing deductive essay may be difficult if you don’t understand how logical thinking based on deduction works. However, here you may find all the necessary information about how to write the deductive essay on any topic.

how to write Deductive Essay

What does “Deductive Reasoning” Mean?

The word “deduction” takes its origin from Logics and Mathematics. It is a type of reasoning when you use some general statements to reach a logical conclusion about facts. Aristotle was one of the first to describe this method. Can you imagine how old this technique is? Having said that, it has become classical regarding logical thinking. Lots of other branches of sciences use deductive reasoning. Academic writing is not an exception. This method helps structure your ideas and explain them step-by-step.

Examples of Reasoning Based on Deduction

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There is a common explanation which may help you understand how “deduction” works in real life. You must have used it in everyday life but didn’t realize that it was the deduction.

  1. Technological devices need charging (the premises).
  2. A mobile phone is a technological device (the evidence).
  3. A mobile phone needs charging (the conclusion).

The mentioned above example shows that by having some general information, you can make relevant assumptions that lead to the logical conclusion.

How to Use Deduction to Write Deductive Essay

The deductive essay involves all the main characteristics of reasoning based on deduction. This paper should show that the author uses the facts which are common knowledge to prove the further statements. It is a form of an essay which requires providing logical arguments. On the one hand, it can be difficult because your paper should be thought-over. On the other hand, deduction helps authors use the exact structure for proving the thesis.

The writer aims to use the given information and come up with a logical conclusion. Moreover, an author should explain this step by step to persuade the readers. By using this technique, you can create interesting and unexpected solutions for complicated issues.

Possible Topics for Your Paper

When you have understood how to write the deductive essay, choose the topic.  It is a good idea to select the theme which accumulates enough information for arguments.

  1. Immigration leads to overpopulation in well-developed countries.
  2. Obesity triggers serious problems with health.
  3. Violent games and videos provoke bad behavior among the youngsters.
  4. Robots may replace teachers in the nearest future. Are these changes good or bad?

Features of the Essay Based on Deduction

Each writer should follow the specific requirements to prepare an effective paper. Bear in mind the mentioned below rules. They can be useful for any essay.

Sharp Focus

You should think thoroughly about the topic for your paper. It determines the focus of your writing. If you start talking about one theme, don’t get sidetracked. Discuss the theme, examine its features, reasons, causes. Your aim is to find the logical conclusion. You can manage this only if the topics for deductive essays are specific and the discussion is focused.

Clarity in Structure

Planning and the paragraph structure are significant for any type of essay. However, bear in mind that the deductive essay should be very clear in structure both visually and meaningfully. You need to plan your paper in advance to make it coherent and cohesive. Work on your outline, choose examples, change the order of paragraphs to achieve the ideal result.

The Premise

Begin your paper with an introduction where you include some general information. Write about some facts that all of your readers would support. Don’t choose controversial statements or rhetorical questions. For example, if your topic refers to animals, use the following introductory sentences. “All animals need attention and care.” This statement is broad but clear in meaning. Your readers will hands-down agree with it. Then continue adding more general information to present your topic.

The Evidence

In this part of your paper, you need to present a specific example. You can take it from your real-life experience or somebody’s stories. The evidence should serve as a proof for your thesis. Analyze the real story to persuade the readers that your opinion is correct. Also, you can use different scientific findings which will make your paper more academic.

Continuing the same example about animals, for the evidence you can talk about specific species. For instance, find some statistics about pandas as the representative of endangered animals. This will prove that pandas do need care because of the danger of extinction.

The Conclusion

Coming to the logical conclusion should be the final goal of your writing. After you have analyzed all the general facts and concrete examples, make up your final argument. If you feel that there are no enough proofs, go back to the stage of evidence. You need to be convinced that you have lots of convincing facts for the summary.

Using the example of animals, you may mention in the conclusion that people should take care of pandas. Although the sample with animals is too simple, it should give you a clear idea of the deductive reasoning in writing.

Devote Time for Doing Research

If you are a college or university student, the topics for your article will be complicated. It won’t be that easy to come up with solutions or arguments on your own. That is why you will need to hit the books and do some research. This step is significant for finding relevant arguments and evidence.

Types of Useful Argument Style

There are various techniques which you can use for making statements. It can be either categorical or proportional statement. If you choose one technique, try to stick to it throughout the whole essay.

Making Categorical Statements

If you want to be persuasive in writing, try categorical statements. It means that you should not discuss the topic but use arguments to prove your opinion. When using categorical statements, don’t criticize opposite ideas. Just explain your viewpoint with supportive logical statements.

Making Propositional Statements

The problem-solving task is the best choice for propositional statements. Don’t try to convince readers in the correctness of your thesis. Your aim is to discuss possible options and make some propositions.

Edit and Revise Your Paper Before Submission

Some students don’t like to spend time on revising their work. However, if your paper has lots of grammatical mistakes, the reader will focus on them instead of the content. Use online services for checking grammar or ask our qualified editors help you. Don’t avoid the step of revision. If your paper is correct in grammar, you will have all the opportunities to reach that desired logical conclusion in your essay based on deduction.

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