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How To Write A Critical Precis? Paper

A precis is a summary of a text that maintains the proportions, tone, and meaning of the original work. It shouldn’t contain your opinion — the summary has to be objective, not subjective. You should write a precis in your own words. Don’t copy original phrases and sentences unless this is the best way to describe a certain concept or idea.

The length of a precis may vary. If you have to write it as a school assignment double-check how long your writing should be. It has been an effective way of learning, retaining and revising ideas for the students since the old times. It is the skill that also proves much helpful for you not only in the academic but the professional life as well. In precis, you have to start with the research to pick several good sources. The original work, author and you are three integral elements that create an abstract. How to write a critical precis?

Critical precis essay is like cooking pasta. It seems to be so simple at the beginning, but mistakes can creep in easily. You’ve cooked the pasta for too long, you didn’t use enough salt, or you didn’t add enough water. If you don’t take care, you risk ending up with an empty plate. It’s similar to precis you have. If you make mistakes, you may end up with completely unusable notes. The key phrases of the paper you are writing are in the language used in your work, information about the material, effectiveness, and understanding of the concept.

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how to write a critical precis

The main points of critical precis

Although an essay and precis have a similar format, they serve different purposes, and both require specific techniques. The characteristics of the good critical paper are everywhere the same. So how to write a critical precis?

1.  It is always a summary of author’s abstracts, but never a summary without analysis or simply interpretation of the original text.
2. Writers try not to use the words or sentences from the original text.
3. It reflects a meaning of the original article and explains its significance to the target audience/entire society.
4. Its format includes thesis, methods, results (findings), and conclusion.
5. The writer must consider clarity through using simple language and accepted the structure of abstract mentioned in its outline.
6. Just like any other academic paper, critical abstract requires double-checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Once you have done, launch a special checking software on your PC to scan the text for mistakes. It is important to revise the paper no matter how confident you are.
7. Write objective notes in your critical summary — avoid personal ideas and opinions on the issue.
Write coherently, which means providing a logical interconnection between the original text’s ideas and trying to keep the interest of your reading audience throughout the entire essay.
8. Conciseness is another thing a writer should consider. Write about points that matter, avoiding unnecessary details which will lead to wordiness, wateriness, and repetitiveness.
9. Review helpful online articles to write the best academic essays.

Easy steps for writing critical precis

For successful critical precis, you need to understand how the author presents the original text. How well the main point of your critical precis should restate the main idea, the author develops during the paper. It can be a very challenging part. We are here to help you make that process as easy, as falling off a log and as quick, as a flash. Just follow simple rules. You will perfectly know how to write a critical precis:

1. When you finish your preparatory work, start with formulation your precis.
2. In the beginning, state your thesis and acquaint the reader with your author.
3. You can’t describe your point of view. Your goal is to explain what the author’s writing purpose is and how he achieves it.
4. Use transition words/phrases (however, besides, unfortunately, moreover, eventually).
5. You need to make your paper and show the importance of original text.
6. Encourage people to continue an investigation on the certain topic.
7. Check everything when you have finished your writing. Make sure that sentences are not too long or short, check all kinds of mistakes, and save your writing.

We want to give you a precis essay example:

Original: The story starts on Facebook and not exactly from Facebook as well. The boy named Vivian, he was the one who took part in the fighting. And the girl named Aisha. The boy sent a request to the girl on Facebook, she accepted but because the boy’s name was as same as his father’s name. In the very exciting, she accepted the request. It was morning as soon as the girl accepted the request boy commented on all of her pics. (The original passage from ‘Facebook meet’ by Saanvi Singh);
Precis: Aisha accepted the request from Vivian because his name was as her father’s.

Original: There are many types of diets, but not all of them are healthy. Diets serve one of two purposes: to eat healthy, like an athlete training for competition; and to lose weight. Some people go on diets to lose weight when they are not obese at all; this can lead to loss not only of weight but also of important strength and body tissues.
Precis: There are two purposes of diets: to eat healthily or to lose weight.

The amount of information in different kinds of paper are usually big; your task is to highlight only critical issues.  Don’t pay attention to metaphors, epithets, comparisons, rhetorical questions, scientific definitions, as their main purpose is to fill the text with emotionalism and expressiveness.

Don’t waste your time on mistakes

It’s not as hard to understand the concept when you know what mistakes not to make. Here we point out the common problems:

1. Writing in a hurry (You write in a hurry while taking notes not to miss out on any points. But, in the end, you realize that you can’t understand what you just wrote. That’s why the critical paper become useless).
2. Mistaking note-taking for highlighting text (Taking short and precise notes requires reflecting on the content, which is a basic step to remember it).
3. Noting down everything; to put it simply: Avoid it! It is one of the most frequent mistakes writers make. Often, they tend to note down everything, but doing that doesn’t make an impact.
4. Not being topic specific (A common mistake is to write continuously and not clustering the content from the very beginning. Without the specifics, it’ll become difficult to understand the context as certain things may coincide).
Now you know how to write a critical precis and avoid mistakes.

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