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Worshipping Jesus As God Religion Essay Essay

There are many different positions and traditions among the Christian beliefs. Particularly, the chief issue was idolizing Jesus as God. There are important two groups, Unitarian and Trinitarian. Unitarian is a individual or group of Christian who affirms the integrity of God and rejects the philosophy of the Trinity. On the other manus, Trinitarian is a individual or group keeping to the philosophy of Trinity, which holds God to exist in the signifier of the Holy Trinity. There is a peculiar difference position which is worship. The Unitarian worships to the one God but non the Incarnation Jesus. From the Unitarian ‘s position, Jesus is non God but adult male. Harmonizing to the Trinitarian, on the other custodies, Jesus is God who became bodied himself. Therefore they worships God and Jesus, and pray to God through Jesus. In this essay will discourse these two positions through early church male parent, personal religion and movie.

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Church Fathers

The most interesting historical issue in early church was that Jesus as God. Arius denied the divinity of Jesus Christ. He taught the Jesus was non of the same as God and that Jesus was created every bit good. His ideas were strongly appealing because he offered moderately agreeable signifier of the connexion between the Father and the Son. Arian theologists asked inquiries: “ How can the Son exist everlastingly with the Father? “ , “ How can the Son be the Word or the Word be the image of God? ” Hence, “ the Son must be created instead than uncreated. ” Unexpectedly, this dissident thought helps the church to do clear its ain apprehension of the Gospel.

On the other manus, Athanasius ‘ response to the Arian place is a scriptural and theological perceptual experience. Two of Athanasius ‘ chief points are: First, Merely God can salvage. No animal possessed the ability to salvage from wickedness. Redemption was merely privilege work of God. “ The shaper must be greater than what he makes. ” Second, Jesus was worshiped non merely in Christian churches but besides churches that followed Arius. Athanasius argued that Arius was doing the whole church to idolize a animal, instead than God. He insisted how churches could idolize Jesus if Jesus were non God. Besides, Athanasius insisted that “ For the glow besides is light, non a 2nd visible radiation besides the Sun, nor a different visible radiation, non a light by engagement in the Sun, but a whole proper offspring it. No 1 would state that there are two visible radiations, but that the Sun and its glow are two, while the visible radiation from the Sun, which illuminates things everyplace, is one. In the same manner the Godhead of the Son is the Father ‘s. ” In short, if the Father is Sun, the Son is Sun. If the Father is God, the Son is God.

Personal Faith

Last twelvemonth in 2009, I was in Davao, Mindanao, Philippines as a missional. The Davao is well-known metropolis as a unsafe topographic point in Philippines. There are many Muslims in Davao, and sometimes there were suicide bombardments. One twenty-four hours I went to some topographic point to prophesy the Gospel. The small town name was Bankelohan. There were several Moscow in that town. I was praying for safe and God ‘s guiding. When I approached into the entry of the little small town, many people stared at me. Then a cat came to me and asked me for intent to come here. I introduced myself as I am a lensman from Korea. Then he introduced himself he is a captain of the small town. After that he guided me to his house. His house was so little and really soiled. I had chat about the small town, and I was waiting for a good opportunity to portion the Gospel. I started carefully to speak about Jesus and shared my life how Jesus works in my life. I told him that if you and your household believe in Jesus, your household will be saved. Actually, I did non anticipate that he accepts Jesus at first clip, because he was born in Muslim household and he is a captain of the Muslim small town. However, surprisingly, he had prayed with me to accept Jesus as his personal Jesus non merely himself, but besides whole his household. I could experience the grace of God, love of Jesus, and power the Holy Spirit who works for his household. Through this experience, I realized one of import thing in my Christian life. A Christian is anyone who has the Spirit of God life in us. If we have candidly trusted Jesus for our redemption and recognized him as my Lord, so the Holy Spirit has come into our life and we became a Christian. When the Holy Spirit is working within us, we will believe Jesus as God.


“ Bruce Almighty ” A is well- known American comedy movie. It starsA Jim CarreyA as Bruce Nolan, a Television newsman who seeks a publicity and a better life. He helped a homeless adult male, but after than he met serious bad incidents. He complains thatA GodA ca n’t make his occupation good. Bruce met God and God granted power to him. There is specific scene in this movie that shows the Three when Bruce was traveling to run into God. First, he meets a cleansing agent, next he meets a security officer and so, eventually, he meets God who granted his all-powerful power to him. Here we can hold another theological point that God grants his power to Bruce like Jesus. Arius insisted that Jesus was a animal but he received power from God. Harmonizing to Arian ‘s thought that Bruce is same as Jesus who was created and granted all-powerful power from God. After he has received God ‘s power, Bruce uses this power for himself, non for others. Here is difference between Jesus and Bruce. Jesus did non utilize his power for himself, but Jesus used his power for other people who needed aid to demo them the land of Eden. On the other manus, Bruce uses this power for his publicity and his love. If Jesus is a adult male like Bruce, he evidently uses all-powerful power for himself, because he is a adult male. However, we can non happen any poetries in the Bible or historical books that Jesus uses power for himself. Even Jesus rejected Satan ‘s suggestion when he was fasting for 40 yearss. He says “ Man does non populate on staff of life entirely, but on every word that comes from the oral cavity of God ” ( Matt 4:4 ) . How could Jesus state like this? Because Jesus is God ‘s boy and he is God himself. This movie, Bruce Almighty, shows a dramatic contrast between Jesus and Bruce. Human being can non command God ‘s power, but merely God can manage all-powerful power. I can remind myself the divinity of Jesus as God through this movie.


The early Fathers expressed relationship between Jesus and God by stating that “ he was the ageless Son of God by nature became Son of Man that we “ boies of work forces ” might go “ boies of God ” by grace in him and through brotherhood with him. ” Torrance says the embodiment was God ‘s intent of sharing his love and glorification for us. If the Arian place was right that Jesus is non God, we lose God ‘s love for us. The chief nucleus of the Trinity is God ‘s love for us, and idolizing the Triune the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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