World Environment Day Essay

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Thank you friends for praying the god for the success Of the occasion. I feel immensely rapture to handover this wonderful opportunity to to welcome all the dignitaries & the audience on behalf of the institution on this auspicious occasion. Thank you for welcoming the gathering Our physical world, respect and explore, Where water meets land; a beautiful shore. Mountains we conquer, look down in awe, If you’re an artist, make sure you draw. I’m sure that all of you like skits.

They give us a fun & also some knowledge. So to give you guys a fun with education are ready to present a skit.

So I request the Hosannas to occupy this stage to present their skit. Thank you for your skit that urged us to inculcate some good habits of cones;Eng the environment. The topic & information about environment is never ending. So to give you some more knowledge about this day, I request you to present her speech on this occasion.

Thank for sharing your knowledge with us. Nature exciting, adventurously new, Much more to see, than a sky that is blue. It offers so much, open your eyes, Hope of today, with every sunrise. Think you all had enough fun with education by the speeches, skit & song.

Write An Essay On World Environment Day

But now you all will be entertained again by the of our school. Because now they are here to occupy the stage to present their dance. So I request the Mourns to come over the dais & entertain you all.

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Thank you for your wonderful performance. Am sure that the Mother Nature will be happy. As I had earlier said that knowledge about environment & its uses are never ending. So now, to enlarge your encyclopedia of class 8th is ready to present her speech. So request Anaphora to use this stage to present her speech. Thank you for your speech. We have heard that singing has a power to heal & can also recover patients.

So now I request the of our school to sing a song on this gracious occasion to bring a change in us to save the environment. Thank you for motivating us to save the environment. The environment & the humans are inter-related to each other. One can’t sustain without the other. As environment is required for us, even the environment also requires us. So we all should conserve the environment So now, let us start it by taking oath of saving our environment. I request our principal to guide us by his oath. I also request all of you to stand up & stretch your hands & follow him to take the oath.

Thank you sir for your words which Will surely be the guidelines for all of us. I think I just heard Mother Nature cry, Or was it one more broken, falling tree? You’d think we’d learn as time goes speeding by. Think you all are aware of the drawing & painting competition that was held in our school on account of the World Environmental Day. Many students had participated in the competition. Thank all of you for your active participation in the competition. Some of the artists have won prizes in the competition. So request the to honor the winners by distributing the prizes to hem.

Thank you AMA for the distribution of the prizes. I heartily congratulate all the prize winners. Look Outside, see the trees Watch the flowers in the breeze Things won’t be like this in a year or two If polluting is all we do Seize the night, seize the day, things won’t always be You all had enough fun. But now it’s the time again to grab some knowledge. So I request_ to address the gathering on this occasion & boost us to save the environment. Thank you AMA for your golden words. I am sure that all the students are encouraged & inspired by your words.

Sorry everyone, but the time to put a full stop for the event has arrived. This is my bounded duty to handover the responsibility to to vote her thanks to all the dignitaries & audience on behalf of the institution. So I request Crowbars to take over the responsibility & present her vote of thanks. Thank you for thanking all the dignitaries & the audience. What we are doing to the forests is nothing but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves. By saying this would like to end this event & once again thank all of you whose presence has made this event a grand success.

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