5 Steps for Reading Poetry
1. Read the poem at least twice
2. Paraphrase each sentence (put in own words)
3. Look for/examine poetic devices/structure
4. Express the poems main ideas in one sentence
5. How does the poem fit in with Romanticism?

3 Characteristics of Romanticism
1. Simplicity and directness of language
2. Expression of spontaneous, intensified feelings
3. Appreciation for nature – observing nature can lead to a greater understanding of oneself world

Wordsworth and Coleridge
Had a connection between the soul and nature

W. Wordsworth
Common people and settings

S.T. Coleridge
Strange and Exotic

“Lyrical Ballard” 1798
Published by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge to start Romantic movement

What ended Coleridge’s friendship with Wordsworth?
His serious health problems, relied on pain killers (hurt his poetry), ended his marriage and friendship with Wordsworth

French Rev.

French Rev.
Most significant event of the romantic age

Romantic Age

William Wordsworth

Who wrote “London, 1802”?
William Wordsworth

When was “London, 1802” written?
When Wordsworth returned from a trip to France (during French Rev.


“London, 1802”
An apostrophe. calls upon spirit of Milton to return and bring help for moral and spiritual stagnation

Who is Milton?
Apostrophe. Milton’s powers compared to the sky and sea. Milton didn’t seek fame, just to be closer to God

“London, 1802” relate to Romanticism
Intense feelings, longing for the past

Poetic Devices – “London, 1802”
Paradox, Personification, Allusion, Apostrophe, and Alliteration

Who wrote “The World is Too Much With US”?
William Wordsworth

Meaning of “TWITMWU”
We waste our time and don’t “see” nature

“TWITMWU” main idea
Human race is too focused on material things and not enough on nature; too materialistic – to concerned with receiving to much: because of this we don’t connect with nature/ don’t appreciate it

“TWITMWU” relate to romanticism
Strong feeling, responses in nature

Poetic Devices – “The World is Too Much With Us”
Personification, Alliteration, Allusion, and Imagery

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
More than any other Romantic Poet – explores the powers of the imagination

Coleridge was..?
Public speaker – usually about other poets, literature, etc.

Coleridge was involved in…?
Radical Politics

Who wrote “Kubla Khan”?
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Who is Kubla Khan?
Ruler of Mongol Empire in China (13th Century)

What is “Kubla Khan”?
A dream, poem about writing a poem

Poetic Devices – “Kubla Khan”
Internal Rhyme, Alliteration, and Assonance

Lyric Poem
Expresses the thoughts and feelings of a single speaker

Word choice and word order

Repetition of initial consonant sounds – Kubla Khan, Dome Decree, Woman Wailing

Repetition of the final consonant sound in un-rhymed words – far and war, midway and waves

Repetition of a vowel sound in un-rhymed words – device and ice

Internal Rhyme
Rhyming words within a line of poetry

Using “like” or “as”

Rhyme Scheme

14 lined poem

Refers to something the reader is expected to know – Greek God’s (Proteus&Triton)

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