Abstract Issue: Gender discrimination/tensions are still very prevalent in today’s “equal society. ” Although many people believe gender discrimination is mostly a thing of the past, it is still existing as an invisible barrier in one of the most prominent areas of life: the workplace. This paper will discuss occupational sexism and it’s effects on American attitudes. In American popular culture, women are viewed as adorable and sweet, subjectively positive traits that suit them to hearth and home, but also as too emotional and insufficiently logical to accomplish the work of the world.

I believe that although progression has been made toward overall gender equity, the battle is far from over and must continue. Purpose: By incorporating facts and statistics from varying sources such as the Wall Street Journal, I plan to show my audience that despite considerable progress over the last quarter century, women workers are still perceived as less competent than men. My goal is to raise awareness with hopes of providing a better understanding among my readers.

Obstacle: I believe that the biggest obstacle that might interfere with my stated purpose is the unwillingness to change.

Moreover, I feel that the male-dominated workplace will be unwilling to relinquish the reigns of the American jungle. The audience might not agree with my purpose for a few reasons. Some might feel that the progression made over this past quarter century is fine the way it is. Others might firmly believe that a woman’s place is in the home.

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There are many possible outlying reasons why my audience might not agree with my position. I feel that the research is adequate and continually growing, and is therefore not an issue.

Writing An Abstract For An Essay

Scope: In my research paper, I plan to write about: 1. Wage discrimination, systematic sex-based hiring and promotional practices. 2. Systematic sex-based hiring and promotional practices a. (i. e. when employers do not hire or promote a person who is “otherwise apparently qualified for a job” solely on the grounds that they are a woman or man) 3. Sexual harassment 4. The belief that certain occupational fields or types of jobs, particularly those that are degrading and/or low-paying, are “women’s work” or those that are dangerous and/or hazardous are “men’s work”

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