women and shopping

There has always been a lot of interest in what actually goes on at an Ann Summers Party.
Particularly by men… I wonder why?
Well, it's really no big secret. You organise for a bunch of women to be sitting comfortably in a friend's home, with a glass of wine in one hand and a bowl of nibbles in the other, and you go out of your way to make sure that all these women have a good girly night in!
My parties usually last about two to two and a half hours long, Brilliant for a Friday or Saturday night because you have your party booked to start at around 8pm and by 10.

30pm you and all your mates are in the pub or the nightclub having already had a few drinks and well in the mood for a good night out!
Well contrary to popular belief, your Ann Summers Party Organiser is not there to make complete fools out of you all (although the odd faked orgasm doesn't go amiss).

Our aim is to entertain you and give you the option to look at and purchase items that you wouldn't normally browse in a shop for.
We will usually start off with introductions, and run through all the things you need to know about payments; delivery dates; guarantees etc, and then we will loosen things up with a couple of party games. How risqué the games are is entirely up to the guests at the party, you can choose whether to be completely mad and make fools out of your friends or just to have a bit of a giggle, there is something for everyone!
After the games we will start with the demonstration.

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This usually takes about an hour and you will be shown a selection of underwear, novelties, and sex toys!
After the demonstration your organiser will encourage you to try on items of lingerie that you like, and will be on hand for you to approach with any questions you may have about the products.
There will usually be a raffle during the evening where you will get the chance to win Ann Summ

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