What I Learned From Stealing Essay

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Essay on Stealing Is Wrong

Stealing is wrong for a lot of reasons. Stealing is a big problem in our country. A lot of people have to deal with stealing in their life.

It is a problem everyone is going to have to deal with once in their life. The worst thing about it is that you can easily avoid every getting in trouble for stealing by earning your money and buying what you want with your money. Instead of stealing which will cause problems in the end you should just purchase the item you want. That is the better way to go by far. Stealing is wrong for many reasons but here are three main reasons why it is wrong and you should never do it.

Three reasons why stealing is wrong is because it hurts the stores profits and the stores will lose money, it is a dishonest thing to do and you will have the guilt of stealing for as long as you have the item you stole, and it hurts family members that care about you and want you to do your best to stay out of trouble.

When you steal even if it’s just a small amount it hurts a store’s profits. Even if you think it’s just 1 dollar I can take it, if everyone thought that way then everyone would take just 1 dollar and then the store would lose a lot more then just 1 dollar.

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So you should never steal even if it seems like it won’t make a difference every small amount of money counts. Stores have to put up with shoplifting all the time and it is something that they shouldn’t have to deal with. If everyone would understand why it is wrong to steal then shoplifting wouldn’t be as big of a problem as it is right now. It’s sad that all the effort stores go through to stop shoplifting doesn’t discourage some people from shoplifting. You can help the store in trying to stop shoplifting by just never stealing from a store and also if you see someone shoplifting you can tell an employee. You have you remember that even though you think it’s fine it can cause a lot more trouble than it’s worth so you just never steal and everything will be alright.

Your Parents And Trust Thesis Statement

It is also a dishonest thing to do. Stealing is something that is obviously wrong because you are taking something that is not yours without permission from the person you’re taking it from. If you take something and the person or store doesn’t know then they will find out and feel betrayed by you if you know the person. You can lose friends from stealing from them or from them stealing from you. It is something that you should never do because it can hurt someone’s feelings and even if you are still friends with that person after you get through the situation they may never trust you again. Trust is a good thing to have from your friends, if your friends don’t trust you then you may miss out on a lot of opportunity’s in your life. If they don’t trust you they may never allow you into their house or they may always be watching you and that is not a good feeling to have. It is not worth putting up with and it is something you can easily avoid ever having to deal with. All you have to do is not steal and your friends should trust you as long as you don’t give them a reason not to trust you. Finally, stealing is wrong because it hurts your family members.

My mom was so upset the day that I was caught stealing just three dollars worth of an item. So people must go through so much worse if their son steals a car or something more expensive. You never want to see your mom sad and it makes you sad to see that happen and it’s even worse when at that point there’s nothing you can do to make it better. It’s a really bad feeling to have to disappoint people that care about you even when you don’t mean to cause any trouble. Nobody wants to disappoint their family and it is a horrible thing to have to do. You are going to wish that you never did it after seeing you’re family sad. It is something that you can avoid easily by just staying out of trouble but it’s not as easy as it seems. Sometimes you’re going to have to make decisions and the best thing you can do is try your best to stay out of trouble and stay away from people that will get you in trouble. So as long as you stay out of trouble and never steal anything your parents will be proud of you if you do your best in life and don’t get in trouble.

Those are three reasons that stealing is wrong. The reasons are that it hurts the stores profits, it is morally wrong and that is will disappoint your family. Stealing something small seems like it isn’t a big deal but the store, the police, and your parents will treat it very seriously even if it is just a few dollars. Nobody wants to be in trouble and stealing is something that doesn’t have to happen all you have to do is try your best to find a job and earn your money and then buy what you want fair and there will not be any problems. You will also be proud of owning your item that you brought with money that you earned from working hard. It might not be as easy as stealing but in the end it is worth it just to get it fair then stealing it. If you steal something then whenever you see it you’re going to be reminded of what you went through to get it and have a bit of guilt inside you. If you bought it you would be proud of owning it and could show it to your friends without ever possible getting in trouble. So in the end the best way to get something is to legally earn money and then purchase it with your hard earned money.

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What I Learned From Stealing Essay
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